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My current list of EK complaints.


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Why is there not an option to to add EK's to a favorites list? If we have an EK that is not ours showing in the My EK's list, how can we remove it from the list, I don't even know the person who has their EK in that list somehow. 

How about a build/ use function so we can use the EK without always having build prompts to pick things up and move them. How about an EK commands UI to simplify everything, like vassals, and nobles etc. etc. Also when building let me fly around free cam so I can see an as the crow flies view from above. 

Backer parcels not being able to be used in the construction of other parcels, with parcels not from backer packs is a waste of parcels. 

Why is the shop so devoid of anything interesting to stick in an EK? 3 decorations 2 of which are just a different tier of the same skin one with bonuses and gold bits? You make it impossible for anyone wanting to give you money to do so, and the pricing is absurd, but I guess that doesn't matter since there is next to nothing to buy anyway.

Not being able to change Crafting discs in the EK is annoying to say the least.

Some building elements not being able to be stored in chests, is annoying. 

Would it really be game breaking to allow us to use a vendor to sell things we don't want or use anymore? I have an extra lodge, let me sell it, or give it away to someone. 


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