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EK won't load


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Is there something I can do to get EK to load? Every time I try I get "Kingdom status: Loading" and circle at bottom middle spins and it never loads. I quit game and tried again same story.

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mines hit or miss, most times doesn't load. Not loading this morning. Also closes pretty soon after i load it. Big was of time and money so far. Terrible system if this is our only source of setting up markets. Having to sell through discord is pretty ridiculous. Might as well be posting on craiglsist, or facebook market.

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On 8/16/2021 at 5:01 AM, Vioras said:

This seems to be effecting a good bit of people any word on what is going with it? 

Gordon said here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/blog/launch-to-live


We’ve also made great strides in stability though we are still chasing an intermittent Eternal Kingdom loading problem.

So they are aware of the issue, and are trying to resolve it. I've emailed support and they have been aware of it for a while now. One trick you can try, is that if you own the EK, change the region using the cog, and try to load it. If it fails, try to load a different region. It seemed to slightly improve the rate of the EK loading. This doesn't help for my guild EK though as I don't own it, but do have spin up access, which has been a struggle some times to get up and running. Today it was actually better than previous days. We are in Australia over here and have had reports of this issue for a week now, but it's very hit and miss.

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Same Problem here! Guild-EK is still loading for a very very long Time, Its in "Frankfurt"... That is some tady so. I hope they Fix it :(. with this situation, the EK is Useless.


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On 8/18/2021 at 1:07 AM, Brindylln said:

I might add that while "Loading Terrain 100%" the CPU and cooling fans on my laptop are going gangbusters

I've had that happen enough times that I have just abandoned my EK altogether. 

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