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Nothing Personal (AU/Int)


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Guild Name: Nothing Personal

Guild Tag: Nothing Personal


Nothing Personal (formerly Imperium) is a small-medium sized AU based/international guild with big aspirations.  I've slowly pieced together a pack of degenerate lunatics since launch, we are for the most part ex Ultima Online and Shadowbane players.  We finished the first AU dregs 15th with 6 active players and are currently 19th in US East dregs with a daily squad of around 10.  We are the underdogs, we all started post launch and have no desire to join half decade old zergs.  We learn and grow together.  Nothing Personal is not a guild who expects you to go broke beefing up a few core players, we help our own as much as they help us.  We have worked tirelessly to have solid crafters in all disciplines and are here to help the right people.  Whilst we do dish out some dregs rewards to main crafters the bulk of our dregs rewards are distributed accross the board to all members who help achieve success in dregs.  We also have a small growing number of players who prefer to work in Gods reach and The Shadows who are welcome to push into dregs with us or continue holding down the fort for the boys on the outside.  We have an Eternal Kingdom that is growing and will eventually be decked out as an organized duel/pvp location outside of dregs.  We have an alliance with a US based guild FIENDS which ensures we have people for you to run with throughout most time zones.

What we expect of you:

If you intend on running with us in dregs it is essential that you do so logged into discord.  You don't have to have your mic switched on if you don't want to, but you must be able to listen and follow directions.

Willingness to learn - We are looking for players who bring something from previous gaming experience, whether that be in PVP or you're a general crafting guru.  However, as we are a group who all started with 0 knowledge of the game and have grown/learnt together, we aren't opposed to helping new guys wrap their heads around the game, providing they are willing to listen and learn.

Thick skin - Whilst we aren't here to tolerate any kind of abuse between members, we're cooked Australians.  We give each other shyte in discord on a permanent basis, it's all in good fun but it's definitely not for everyone.  

Chill the fook out - Just don't take yourself too seriously.

What you can expect of us:

Fun - We are all here to have a good time, we are an entertaining bunch of drunks/smokers who just want to enjoy ourselves and I do my best to make sure everyone who runs with us is having a good time.

Fairness - I can't sit here and pretend I know what goes on inside the big zerg guilds, but I can't see the majority of new members being much more than a number.  Our members aren't numbers, we all genuinely like each other and want to continue signing members who want to be an essential part of a guild rather than a number.

Beers - If you like to get farrrrked up and make an ass of yourself in front of all your friends, you're probably in the right place.


Nothing too serious, just let us know where you're coming from, previous gaming experience and what you want to do in/get from Crowfall.

Whilst dregs is our main focus, we are looking for players who will like to accompany us through all aspects of the game whether it be Gods Reach/The Shadows/Dregs or just straight out crafting/gathering wherever that may be we welcome anyone who fits the above description.  Jump on our discorcd and shoot a message to myself (Jay) or one of the other Officers before jumping into a call and come have a chat about how we can help each other bust up some of these zergs.


Guild Page: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild/overview
Discord: https://discord.gg/F7GPMdXvYk


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