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Titan’s Crash Issues and Suggestions


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Myrmidon: Titan

Idea #1: Add a 3rd way to mitigate crash damage: When out of combat all damage is mitigated as if pulverized.

  • It kind of looks funny when you’re standing there after combat, people are mounting up, and then you must hit pulverize channel after a bit of time before mounting, even though everything is chill. Then you enter combat again and have to wait to mount still after pulverizing.
  • Your character would be able to focus on this task when out of combat.


Idea #2: Increase all titan crashes to 50% floor, up from 0% death.

  • There are some lag issues in big battles / sieges and crash mitigations don’t work correctly all the time as intended, yet.
  • I’ve recorded 1.5 second difference between a berserk crash and the displayed cooldown timer on the user interface.
  • I’ve also recorded channeling pulverize to 15% by the time I crashed but crash still killed me.
  • Until the lag issues are fixed it’s difficult / impossible to use titan’s crash mitigation abilities in lag / big battles.


Let's face it, Titan isn't popular because of Crash. I think this can help people play the class more and be more viable in sieges as a front line tanky dps. You will still have to manage your berserk, but it will be less punishing, especially if there are laggy big battles.

Let me know what you think!

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I agree with both ideas. Maybe not 50% floor, but at least not death.


Currently playing Titan and i love everything about it expect the crash.... i have killed myself out of combat few times due to forgetting to use pulverize.

I've switched between Battlerager and Conqueror to avoid the crash and to try new things, but you lose soooo much damage, doesn't feel nice.

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