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Attach point inside buildings


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Having the attach points for walls can be really nice to get them aligned correctly. But why do they exist inside buildings and who was in charge of the placement of these attach points.

You cannot even place anything there without some ugly overlap with the fixed furniture. And it is not that there is no room to put these points in a better spot.



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crafting stations/storage containers/etc shouldn't have attach points.  It s a bad design.  we should be able to place them where ever we want.  If you feel the need to limit how many are placed on a lot for "performance" reasons (which I don't buy in EK's, maybe the campaigns but not the EK's) It would be better if they utilized the token thing, X crafting station token for X size lot, X storage tokens for X size lot.  that sort of thing.  I really hope they get their poorly made dergs together regarding these EK's.  people spent a ton of real world money on these things which, as they currently are, are not worth it....

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