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The Duelist name doesn't fit the mechanics of the class


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I am a newbie since launch, currently playing Slayer and having played Vanguard Scout last dregs campaign.  It feels kind of crappy to be playing a class literally named Duelist that underperfrorms in so many 1v1s.

  • A lot of tanks and healers seem to be able to sustain through my burst without much issue.
  • Rangers seem like a hard counter to Duelist.
  • Confessors that are actually paying attention can react and burst me down faster than I can burst them.
  • Assassins do way more ambush damage and they are better at restealthing in a duel.

It makes me wonder what the purpose of naming the class Duelist is because there is very little going on that seems to make a Duelist stand out in a 1v1 scenario.  I understand Dirges may be better than the other promotions are at dueling.  If that's the case maybe the class should just be called Scout and the Dirge promotion can be called Duelist?

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Yeah, at least right now, I do feel like Dirge is the real duelist. I still haven't tried Slayer but I played Vanguard Scout for a while and it's a class that doesn't really make much sense.

Dirge is pretty good. Solid single target attacker but still very distinct from assassins. Cutthroats rely heavily on surprise and burst while the Dirge is more of a straight up in-your-face stabber with good self-sustain and CC, but also has access to a combat stealth for a get-away when needed.

Vanguard-Scout makes a lot less sense. They rely on ranged but it's not very long range, which is a real problem. They're more like a Fanatic than an Archer but without the Fanatic's amazing AE DPS. They certainly don't strike me as a class that wants to duel. The box says they like to soften targets up from stealth before committing to attacks but their stealth attacks are fairly weak and most anything can self-sustain through that. You really have to commit and then you're just kind of a weak short range archer. The pepperbox stun (and Sweet Victory heal) is actually pretty nice and the class seems designed around the idea that you will kite people to death but it really just feels like a bad Fanatic got together with a bad Archer and made a genetically disadvantaged baby. Once I switched to Dirge I was basically like "oh yeah why did I wait so long to try this". You give up your rather weak, rather short range, rather pathetic pistol spam for some pret-ty awesome stabby stabby melee.

I dunno what should be done with Vanguard-Scout. Maybe give them more "from stealth" popup attacks? And something triggers a tunnel timer and dodge reset? Make it into a really annoying class that's really good at popping people from stealth while staying stealthed and then is really dodgy once revealed. I feel like that would at least be entertaining.


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