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[NA] Singularity - Full Content Competitive Guild [18+ MA]


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Singularity is a NA based English Speaking guild looking for active players who are interested in any aspect of the Crowfall game. Love crafting? Come join us for a day of guild farming in hotspots, collecting resources and experience. Looking to get your PVP on? Join us in the Dregs or Shadows campaign to claim a spot on the leaderboards and reap the rewards of being part of the team.

Our Guild EK is fully set up and ready to house your personal vendor to start funding your own Crowall adventures. Complete with Thrall and Knowledge Buffs, your shinies will glitter like gold when crafted in our neighborhood. 

Laid back and mature environment of adult gamers (18+ content abound) who take pride in working together to do more with less. Join us today to take advantage of all the benefits a Guild has to offer!

Stop by our Discord Channel https://discord.gg/CGZrpv3j or give us a shout out in many of the in-game general channels for US East, US West, Dregs and Shadows campaigns.

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