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Anyone having problems with customer support?


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On 8/25/2021 at 12:17 AM, Psychokill said:

Namely,  you get a quick response but if your ticket is escalated or you have follow up questions,  you don't get an answer or it takes three or four days?

Can't talk about how it works "right now", since that would only be guesses. But as far as I know, CS is usually pretty fast and very helpful.

IF things are escalated and include follow-up questions, things may take longer to be processed ... of course. With such a small company - still handling their CS themselves instead of outsourcing it to people who don't know anything and also won't be able to make a decision (with, maybe, in the end, leading to the Executive Producer himself talking to you) - it simply may take a while until certain people are able to dedicate their time to your specific issue. 

I had quite some experiences regarding this topic throughout the years ... and - in the end - my experiences never were unsatisfactory. I can't tell wether this is because I generally don't tend to let go or because things were different back in the days. Anyways, I would suggest to just not let go, if (IF) you really think a certain issue needs to be adressed but is not yet understood properly.

Have fun, good luck

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