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Furies are Garbage: Change My Mind


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My main is a Templar and I've spent a fair amount of time switching between Paladin and Vindicator. Templar is uniquely good at being a front-line class that can hold the line pretty much as long as heals keep coming in (versus Champions and Myrmidons that bounce in but then have to bounce out to wait on cooldowns to reset).

Vindicator doesn't bring much in the way of group heals but the damage he does makes him a lot more dangerous when he leaps into a zergball and starts bashing squishies. His Divine Light is damaging enough that he's still doing DPS just holding parry. His Righteous Parry hits like a truck. Inner-Fire is amazing and you really have to try it to appreciate the damage boost this provides.

Paladin doesn't do nearly as much damage as a Vindicator but they can jump into the fray and drop big group heal circles (that stack with other Paladins!) and then parry up if the enemy turns on them while still delivering respectable damage on Righteous Parry. +400 support power just for choosing the Paladin branch and a decent AE heal make Paladin a solid choice in big fights.

Fury is supposed to be middle of the road, sacrificing the better heals of the Paladin and the better damage of the Vindicator for more CC but really doesn't get what they pay for. Divine Light does a knockdown but only once, on a long cooldown. Penitence is a neato cone knockdown but max 3 targets(!!) and also on a long cooldown. The "Fury" talent is kinda garbage -- it bumps up your max health but doesn't actually give you the hit points to go with it and it's too short lived anyway. "It stacks" but you really don't get that much CC to power it. Holy Warrior now causes all melee hits to snare and this is actually really good but it's still way too short of a duration on way too long of a cooldown for it to really be a core part of the class.

I want to like the Fury but it doesn't really do what it says on the box and the things you give up aren't worth what you gain.


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