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ACE Community Livestream August 31st 11 AM CDT (6 PM CEST)


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Hey Everyone! 

Join Gordon and Blair on August 31st 11 AM CDT (6 PM CEST) for the Community Livestream!  

Please post your questions here, as a reply and please put the word <QUESTION> at the beginning for easy curation. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible during the Q&A. Remember, questions should be directly related to Crowfall updates and gameplay.

Please limit the conversations in this thread to just questions!


ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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Good afternoon,

<Question>Are there plans to do a discipline pass in the future to address inconsistencies in functionality between like abilities?

**(Example:) Holy Avenger Discipline barrier not stacking with "normal barriers" like Twister of Fate/Mudman Discipline barriers do.**


<Question> Could we please have a glossary or additional information for buffs and debuffs on the tooltips as It is not clear what some of them do.

**(Example:) Crippling Ice - Had to look online for 15 minutes to an old beta post to find out what it does**


<Question> Some promotions/classes are almost never played (Archdruid, Fury, Knight) Is there a rough timeline or communication that can be shared which outlines plans for underperforming/overperforming promotions or classes?

<Question> With the changes to the EK UI may we finally have the option to turn on/off edit mode so our buildings and chests are not greyed out constantly.

<Question> Are there plans to hold streams like the EK Tournament in the near future. (This could even be commentary during a scheduled handshake siege with the bigger guilds or castles that is streamed on a delay)

<Question> Can we have some announcements on store promotions/sales prior to them going live in the forums?

<Question> May we please have the ability to swap discs in our EKS. This could be in the starter buildings or in a guildhall/keep.

Overall I feel you guys are killing it and we know you are working your butts off (Patches daily). Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you all on the fields of glory!






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<Question> Guild Leaders would love access based storage solutions for our teams, where the leader can set deposit/withdraw rights- per person or rank. Is this on the timeline- how long (if planned) until we see storage improvements?

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<Question> Alliance Scoring when?

<Question> Why do a guild/member cap at the website roster level instead of making it a campaign knob? Crowfall pitches itself as being able to vary the ruleset for each campaign and one of the best knobs you could have is team size. Limiting team size at the website roster level is a one size fits all approach which is the opposite of Crowfall's core vision. 


Blazzen <Lords of Death>

YouTube - Twitch - Guild

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<question> players have been expressing a desire for a planetside-like lattice system for outposts/forts/keeps, at least for FvF worlds; is this something you've considered implementing?

In case they aren't familiar with the lattice system, it just means outposts/forts/keeps ("PoIs") are connected to other PoIs nearby, such that a faction cannot capture a PoI unless they own at least one connected PoI (can always cap PoIs next to your faction's temple). 

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<QUESTION> The Zone Reservation per-alliance cap system as described in the Design Review forum here seems like it could be used to apply per-alliance population caps to a subset of a single Dregs zones, in effect 24/7, so that no guild could have more than say 10% of the overall cap in the zone at any one time - this would be a defacto per-alliance population cap for that zone of 25 people. This could be 1 zone of a Mega Dreg's regional map clusters of 3 or 4 zones, containing keeps, forts, outposts, resource nodes etc., which no alliance could use more than 25 people to fight over, meaning smaller guilds would be on an equal footing and could compete with 500-player alliances in said zones. Can the tech be used in this way?


<QUESTION> Would it be possible to make Token/Trinket/Tankard/Back-items available for crafting by players? These would be no-stat items, purely for use as cosmetic rewards handed out by guild leaders to their members who contribute in a particular area - running pigs, harvesting materials, donating gold, taking outposts, crafting etc. - which we could name, Pig Runner, Spider Killer and so on.

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<QUESTION> Can you please further discuss your thinking on some of the really good comments that came up in the thread announcing the combat changes?  Specifically, have you considered adding an iframe to dodge as a way to further improve gameplay and extend the TTK? Among other really good points and questions. :)

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<QUESTION> Are there any plans to increase advertising?  I know a smaller population is probably best until the game has all the bugs worked out. 

It just seems like I've only ran into a couple Facebook ads though.

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<QUESTION> Any chance we could add two or three stages of destruction to Castle and Keep stronghold buildings (the currently indestructible buildings) so that while they never fully disappear, defenders lose considerable protections (walls come tumbling down, new ramps are made by destroyed boulders, etc.) should they ignore the siege engines at their doorstep?


<QUESTION> Any plans to revamp the conquest process to encourage actual combat and contesting rather than a point based shell game where it's often more advantageous to avoid fighting and focus on capping/planting easy targets?

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<Question> Lunarium, Solarium, Arborium and Sky Point are key engagement areas for new players in this game. It seems like it isn't being focused on or had any updates since early in launch, although these are giving important first impressions into the game. It appears that it was expected to be a temporary stage, but new players are always joining the game. Established characters and players are also using these zones. Are there plans to review these zones that aren't campaign worlds? What are your expectations for updates there? In particular, do you think the global world style that you are implementing to Shadow and Dregs could work for God's Reach?

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<Question> We have been hearing about campaign knobs, wild and crazy variants, or literally anything different for many years. When do you guys think we'll see any of this tech used in a practical sense to have multiple variants of the same ruleset running to provide players that long-promised variety?

LMAO my website is broken please click this to apply to Flames of Exile (maybe, if that's not busted too)

On 5/11/2015 at 1:48 PM, CAWCAWCAW said:

Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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<question> What was the thought process behind delaying the much needed combat changes to 7.200.

Break status is busted

currently out of the biggest complaints there is for crowfall combat is that damage is too bursty. 2k crits on infrequent abilities are ok. But being able to crit 3k on 2 abilities in an opener leaves you with damn near nothing for HP. 

when soft launch hit TTK was really good. It felt like I had a lot of time to react and outplay an opponent and if I made one single mistake it didn’t completely ruin the fight. Now that assassins or blasting through health bars in a single 2 ability combo and gear is getting much better it doesn’t feel like there a whole lot of counterplay. Even if your wearing some nicely crafted stuff you drop like a sack of bricks if you get break status.


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<Question> @thomasblair While I love the 3 promotions per class, dont you think having the ability to tank/dps/self-sustain or heal for EVERY class doesn't make sense?

For instance: Blackguards are insane and its just doesn't make sense that an assassin is anything more than a DPS. Too much sustain, barriers, defense etc.. Then some other classes seem to have promotions that are locked like the Earthkeeper.


<Question> @Tyrant in what way is faction hopping a positive mechanic for this game in its current state? Even if everything in the Kickstarter was met on release. Faction hoping makes no sense. There is zero penalty wut?

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<Question>  Arch druid has lackluster damage & healing, huge animation delays,  damage is targeted DoT aoe which is easily avoidable, low survivability compared to other damage classes, no mobility, spells that root you in place while casting and the ability to die very quickly from getting cc'ed while your essence is overflowed. The mechanics of the class are very fun though and I enjoy it through all the pain.  Are there any plans to streamline the class and what do you see arch druid doing in small scale fights vs larger scale?


<Question> When logging out of a character are there plans to change it to end up on the character select screen instead of the splash screen?


<Question> Are there plans to reduce the overall quality of mob dropped gear. currently players have no incentive to purchase anything but from the best crafters.  example. crafted green staff 86 damage 1.39 crit mob dropped blue 83 damage 3.05 crit

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