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7.100 Test Update Notes for 8/26/2021

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Update 7.100

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback


Experience Rollover 

  • You can now level up multiple times in a single click when sacrificing, your experience will roll over.  

Eternal Kingdom

  • Fixed an issue where recently changed settings for an EK wouldn't correctly update in EK editor if it was reopened
  • The toggle for switching an EK to Public is now grayed out for non-VIP monarchs


  • Fixed an issue where the campaign list collect rewards button was not responding to clicks
  • Vendors placed by alliance members in a stronghold will no longer be ejected (and sent to the bank) when the server restarts
  • Adjusted the rock height so that Fae can't jump and dodge into the Dregs keep


  • The Harvesting Health bar has been updated with a cleaner, more efficient art and added center crosshairs to help with targeting
  • Updated the dot reticle to be slightly bigger and of higher contrast to be visible in more situations


  • improved the responsiveness of the crafting UI during the crafting process


  • Fixed an issue where Spirit Whip was hitting the same ranged target multiple times
  • Removed the descriptive term "poison" from Shiv buff tooltips for Blackmantle and Slowing poison so it doesn’t imply that it applies two types of poison
  • Runic Frostcaster: Fae, High-Elf, Wood-Elf should all have the correct inventory icons now


  • Fixed Assassin Bloodthirsty granting more than one stack per hit.

Major Discipline

Agent Provocateur

  • Fixed a text error with the Piercing Vulnerability debuff from Caltrops

Force Mage

  • Elemental Break - Removed the string code from showing and changed to Elemental Mitigation modified by 20%

Pixie /  Sun Worshipper

  • Chain Heal power should now heal the correct number of targets


  • Added a description to the vessel quality increase popup to better explain how to get XP post increasing vessel quality
  • Fixed an issue where Guild crests were not appearing on siege results
  • Fixed an issue where ingots were not spawning in Forts
  • Fixed an issue where the prompts for social interact options (trade, invite, etc) weren't being closed properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused Severe Burning (from NPCs) to display a text error
  • Fixed Sun Elf Herald loot drops so it only drops one statue head based upon its name
  • Flytext optimizations
  • The Hero Statue in the  Sun Temple of Gods Reach is back! 
  • Underground crypt area now has ambient sound in Temple, and birds/bugs are muted
  • Updating the camera positions of many Quest NPCs
  • Vendor NPC Coffers are reduced by 3 gold whenever you relocate it.


  • Fixed an issue where Captain Flavius didn't have a voice on one of his quest dialogs
  • Fixing more quest markers related to Captain Vatra of the Sun Temple in Gods Reach

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