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So few thoughts about the games stat system, races and class progression/skill tree…

So to stats, they feel bit option lacking. I believe following system would provide a variety in point distribution options.

STR- Physical res, cc duration reduction, stamina reg in/out of combat.
DEX- base movement speed, stamina, personal damage modifier.
INT- Elemental res, Cost reduction, debuff duration reduction.
SPR(WIS)- cooldown reduction, health reg in/out of combat, Organic res.
CON- Bleed res, HP, personal healing modifier.

*Armor type affects movement speed and stamina cost.

More stats are received according to the chosen classes and subclasses.
As an example Templar. By choosing the class character receives one additional stats from each main stat.
STR- Attack power, DEX- Crit chance, INT- Holy Damage, SPR- Healing Bonus, CON- Reduces parry cost.

By choosing a subclass character receives another two stats from each main stat.

STR- Physical damage and Parry damage reduction, DEX- Physical Penetration and Critical defense, INT- Critical damage and Elemental Damage, SPR- Elemental Penetration and Debuff Intensity, CON – Weapon damage and CC Intensity.

STR- Elemental Penetration and CC intensity, DEX- Critical healing chance and weapon damage, INT- Critical healing amount and Elemental Damage, SPR- Support power and Debuff Intensity, CON- Critical defense and Buff intensity.



Classes feel bit path locked. For example picking a Secutor (knight) locks me in to a path for the exception of few nods.
The poorly drawn suggestion 
As the tree does not provide any flat stat nods those could be added to the total gain per level or even increased (300-360).
Domains don’t make any sense to me. They feel more as if they were used to separate subclasses from each other. I would suggest to let player chose one domain (any) or just remove them in general and allow players to pick the disciplines they see fitting their build. As well would be great to see disciplines that allow to use other weapons, shields, or change your damage type (besides the poison one).  Another thing is  that most disciplines feel as they were created for a specific class or build and are in a domain of a class which is hardly able to use those... Some disciplines seem very suboptimal or strongly orientated on a very specific situation. But I believe the assortment will grow and those that are not used will be changed...
Racial seem to be very directed on to a class and to be less effective with other. As well some racial just seem wrong. For example a simple pick of a race provides immunity to root…
The block that replaces dodging also feels like a loss when a breed has an irregular dodge. I would suggest to build in a mechanic for every class that would fill the RMB and dodge could be on doable click a direction as. The RBM skills could be something as following:
Champion- consumes stamina to reduce all damage taken by x (150) for x (3) sec.
Assassin- consume stamina to become invisible and prevent all damage taken for (2) sec.
Cleric- Same as regular block for the exception that it consumes stamina while blocking and heals the cleric and all allies in range. (Damage mitigation weaker then knight)
Duelist- consumes stamina to become invincible for (1) sec. During this time next CC effect targeting you will be reflected back to the caster. (Can be flash cast)
Frost weaver- Ice Weave (reworked) Consume stamina to refill your ice storage by (2) and create a barrier of X for (10) sec

Different RMB options would be nice to have as well. One from the class and another one is from the subclass nod. Same could be a nice option for ULT's.


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Vessels seem to be more for the purpose of grind rather than for personalization of a build. They are locked behind an extremely unnecessary time consuming game play. The game has a taste of a money grab product… Not sure why they can’t just sell skins rather than VIP which does strongly separate a not paying player from a paying player (if not considering the fact that the game itself is a B2P) Even if they bind the skins to a character it would be a way better option…
The crafting and gathering system of items seems to have the same purpose. Another aspect is that players are practically forced in to the process.
I think a good option would be to just allow players to craft and gather whatever they like without the disciplines and to allow them to destroy items for resources which they then can use in their crafting. Crafting and gathering disciplines could be reworked and provide a bonus which reduces the amount of resources needed to craft an item, increases amount of gathered resources and for those who don’t orientate their game play on neither of those could be disciplines that reduce decay rate of specific items or other utility such as see further or the wood elf active that turns invisible if not moving…
The guild orientated game play seems very frustrating as well. And the solution to just join a guild for a player that enjoys solo play or to play in small guilds is just sh… So I personally think to orientate the game on factions is the solution. Big guilds could still contest with each other even when in same faction (which guild contributed most).

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