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My bittersweet experience with EK so far


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Hello everyone,

let me start by saying that I am enjoying the time spent in Crowfall and I want to continue playing it.
That said, let me dive into two issues I have with the Eternal Kingdom system:

One of the core issues that I see with Crowfall in general is the lack of information that leads to a serious of uninformed decisions that frustrate players.

  • You want to sell stuff in your EK? You need to buy a vendor. 
  • You bought a vendor to sell stuff? You need to build a stall.
  • You built a stall? You need to own a cottage.
  • You spent days on building a cottage? You can only place one small building on your starting plot. You need to create a new plot.
  • You actually spent all the time, resources and energy into doing ALL OF THAT and then you find out that you have to pay upkeep for your vendor.

My point to this list is that what might seem to be an easy walk, turns into an arduous journey.
Not knowing exactly what comes next, makes every following realization discouraging and painful.

Personally, I bought a second cottage on the Crowfall store, because I wanted to build a small village, directly around the starting point of my EK - kind of like a village square. But of course, I only found out later that you can only place a single cottage there. I had another plot of land, but it is a "wood" plot, which doesn't allow me to place any buildings there...

Had I known all of this, I probably would have invested my time in a very different way. And that's not a virtual loss, it's a real loss.
There should be an in-game wiki or at least a section on the website explaining all these systems (in detail!).


I understand that efforts to create an EK-Interface are already being made, so I am glad. This is feedback based on the current situation. 
Needless to say, there is a real need for a visual EK interface that includes all aspects of the kingdom. A tab concerning the information, another containing all land plots, one containing all buildings and one concerning the players and their roles. Especially paying upkeep and listing items (or at the very least monitoring them) should be done centrally in this interface.

Another big issue is the placement of buildings. Apparently there is a limit on how many buildings can be placed at any given area in your EK. However, when having to browse through multiple EKs, this becomes a huge waste of time, because not only do you have to enter the EK to find out what they are selling, you often have to travel across vast spaces of land, because some of these vendors are placed pretty far away from the spawn point. And even after finding them, you never know, if there aren't more out there that you simply missed. 

Now some might say that people need to build their kingdoms in a way that makes them more accessible - but here come the restrictions again - often they simply can't. I would separate the building slots from the plots and allow players to freely place them wherever they wish. Additional plots may increase the amount of buildings that can be placed, but don't determine where you can place them. When looking at the NPC villages in-game, there is obviously no lag issue with placing more than 20 buildings next to each other. Why can't I do that in my EK? Why not around the spawn point, where most people arrive that only want to visit the vendors? 


Would love to hear other peoples' opinions on these two points.

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2 hours ago, TR3LON1ST said:

Would love to hear other peoples' opinions on these two points.

Agree 100%.  The EK is half the reason I am fed up with this damn game. Also keep in mind that, if you run out of upkeep money on your vendor, some brilliant mind at Artcraft decided it would be a good idea to have it delete an inventory item every hour until it is paid. 

There are RPG templates that are better documented and more feature complete than this game. 

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I agree that the building density is way to low.

You spend all this time gathering resources to build this piece of land (because it has to be super difficult to drive the cash shop) and you can only put one house on it.

And the buildings and lands need to list their sizes and slots on the crafting menu.

Edited by OldVamp
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I have another thing to add that didn't really cross my mind before, simply because I never used my EK.

What exactly are the rules for the EK to stay online?
I keep starting it, but whenever I return online, it's always offline - not entirely sure why I have to pay a vendor NPC, even if they go offline... ??

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On 8/27/2021 at 7:33 AM, TR3LON1ST said:

I bought a second cottage on the Crowfall store,

Thats the intent. I mean, people can say you dont need to do that, you can build things in the EK ....over time.....but it is about as realistic as playing F2P games with 10 base inventory slots. These systems are designed to have you spend hundreds of dollars in the store.

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