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[KGB] The Knights of Glory and Beer, Established 1997


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The Knights of Glory and Beer

KGB is about to turn 25 in 2022.  We have wide array of players in age, styles, and game genre interests.  We exist as a sudo-government/state with  a constitution that allows any member to establish a KGB faction and lead in any gaming world if you have member support.   You don't have to be a top PVPer to be successful in our organization.  We are always looking for dedicated members that will do their best and support the organization to the best of their ability.   Most members join us and never leave.  Please check out our website and forums at the KGB Headquarters Website.  Why not find a permanent home in an proven and equal opportunity organization.

Our recruiting process is lengthy and tedious, but that is by design and you will require a sponsor.  Reach out to me anytime if you have any questions.

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KV!  Hope you are well.  Really enjoying the game.  It's not perfect, but the best time I have had since Darkfall.  We even have an updated version of the "sb.exe" error from the glory days of Shadowbane.

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Our guild has people of all ages, and all different game background's,  we understand Crowfall will shift with some guilds folding or leadership is taking off for new games.



We want to bring in people who enjoy the game still, but do not have a home anymore, the process of recruiting is simple, but also hard and rewarding when you FIT in, If you enjoy the game and are looking for a guild that isn't overpopulated and want to experience the end game, KGB has 25 years of experience and when we're together we do pretty dam well if I say so myself


We're in Discord this is a requirement

We use forums and ask that you register there with our application system this will be required also, 25 years in gaming we wanna know something about who you are!

We are in the Death Alliance with LOD/MWH/DAD/UDL/KGB this is not up for debate we are tied to our brother guilds.

Were Opposed to Hax/WB Alliances and the guilds under them.



We're all adults commonly working towards our goals in the game if you wanna see if the Knights of Glory and Beer are your style come check us out.



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I have been with the KGB for nearly 25 years, almost since the beginning.  Many of us are former military, and as such we favor combined arms tactics.  Some of my best friends are KGB members.  Some I know in real life, and some I know only online, but we are all battle brothers and sisters.

The KGB caters to all tastes.  We favor PvP, but some prefer crafting or gathering.  It all goes to support the Great KGB Nation, an organization that has endured for nearly a quarter of a century.

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Jetstar, you old bastad. *bows*

You might remember me as Keldarin Ta'Kier of the Brotherhood of Ta'kier ( TAK ) on Sp.  Long ago we inhabited the same, ULD, SUN, and Shadowclan infested lands, it is good to see you are still around. Crassus, sends his regards.

After UO me and cras went separate ways, but he is still a friend. Crassus runs his own groups here and there, and ever since, I have Led COE ( Court of Evermore)which we started on Shadowbane.  

Also ... OWAIN, I need to see it you are the same Owain I know from Darktide.

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Hail KGB from former Shadowclan, Treachery Server, Shadowbane.  KGB was involved in one of the very first wars with the Covenant of Swords, who eventually dominated the server.  I still remember your red, white and blue emblem!

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I am glad to see the name around still. I was actually part of the CoS back then and remember KGB well. Was even part of them in Darkfall for a bit. Actually got an email the other day from some automatic thing giving me a happy birthday! Definitly remember Jetstar name in darkfall days.

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