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7.100 Global Conquest Live Server Update Notes for 8/31/2021

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7.100 Global Conquest


If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback


Expanded Mega Dregs and Shadows (Global Cross-Server access to battles anywhere at any time)

The Dregs (Guild vs. Guild Campaign Battles) and The Shadow (3-Faction Campaign Battles) Maps have been redesigned to support global cross-server access to battles around the world. The update enables players to join battles in zones on any server at any time giving Crows unlimited access to formerly separated cross-server zones. 

Siege Zones now have timers that are split between the US East, US West, EU, and AUS at 7-11 PM local time.  Additionally, these zones will be hosted in the appropriate region to give a better ping time for players in that region.

  • There are now 4 Adventure Zones that have connections to each of the Temple zones.  These Adventure Zones do not have any Siege Objectives. 
  • There are currently no zones that have a Castle Stronghold; there are two Keeps in each zone


With the launch of Update 7.100, the max number of members in an alliance will be locked at 500 players. If a guild within the alliance adds members which pushes the alliance over the maximum cap of 500 players, that guild will automatically be removed from the Alliance.

Sacrifice Experience Rollover 
The value of your sacrifices will automatically carry over to the next level of experience based on the total value of your sacrifice items. The “roll-over” functionality allows players to level up multiple times in a single click when sacrificing.  

Shorter death penalties
Respawn delay has been shortened to 30 seconds per death in Shadow and Dregs when outside of Sieges. Respawning in temples no longer has a delay. Respawning in a keep during a siege has not been affected.


  • Added the correct number of sockets for chests in the Guild Hall Ranger's Sanctuary
  • Adjusted the health bar's height on the Keep Wards
  • Adjusted the rock height near the Dregs Keep so that Fae can't jump and dodge into the Dregs Keep
  • Adjusted culling LOD on the Wards
  • Archived campaign's collect rewards button now properly opens the campaign results UI
  • Buddy Trial accounts no longer can claim Campaign Rewards. They can be eligible for "earning" the reward, but they are unable to claim any rewards until they purchase Crowfall
  • Changed the rewards messaging to specifically mention Dregs in the following message, "In Dregs, rewards are only available to participating players in a guild”
  • Conquest Points have been adjusted. Keeps have had their conquest values increased, and Keep penalty points have been distributed evenly across the spring through winter. There were no changes to the point values for outposts and forts.
  • Dying near a war table will no longer prevent you from releasing your crow.
  • Fixed a bug where outdated Conquest scores were displayed on the map after a campaign ended
  • Fixed an issue with an invisible wall at Forts that prevented players from going down the Chimney
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not enter any campaign after deleting a character
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Campaign Results screen would display endlessly
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a stronghold would lose the sockets attached to it.
  • Fixed an issue where the campaign list collect rewards button was not responding to clicks
  • Fort walls show a nameplate to enemies when damaged
  • Persisted buffs should no longer carry over to or from an embargoed campaign
  • Fully constructed buildings in Shadow campaigns will no longer reset when the server restarts
  • Keep/Castle walls show a nameplate to enemies while mounted
  • New Necromancy additives added to Campaign rewards
  • Players can no longer build the tree of life sapling in the middle of the siege schedule. This prevents players at the start of a campaign from feeding the tree of life for the first time inside of a siege window.
  • Players will now be harmed on the top of the Banetree
  • Rank 2 Slaughter House now only has 1 pedestal instead of 2
  • Removed the giant rock that was allowing the Fae to jump into a neighboring fort.
  • Runegates owned by a specific faction in The Shadow campaigns now display the appropriate map pin
  • Stronghold buildings show a nameplate to all when damaged
  • Tearing down a stronghold building now has a confirmation pop-up
  • The barracks construction timer will now show up over the signpost rather than the center of the building
  • The scattered stone and dust FX now shows after teardown the Strongholds
  • The top 3 Conquest winning guilds for Dregs will now receive a number of Campaign Reward Badges! Also, many disciplines, crafting, and reagent rewards now come from treasure boxes which dispense from the full list of available items of that type which clicked
  • The Top of the Twin Tower Outpost doesn't contain any invisible collider
  • The Ward Icon should be displayed when hitting the Wards
  • There are new additive treasure boxes in the glory category for dregs
  • Updated the dot reticle to be slightly bigger and of higher contrast to be visible in more situations
  • Vendors placed by alliance members in a stronghold will no longer be ejected (and sent to the bank) when the server restarts


  • Fixed a bug where the Crafting Window would sometimes cause players to be unable to move
  • Improved the responsiveness of the crafting UI during the crafting process
  • Reduced Vendor sell value of Swift Mounts that do have a vendor sale value. (most don't)
  • Risk Management granted via crafting belts now also grants 5 to Partial Re-roll Cost Modifier
  • The Harvesting Health bar has been updated with a cleaner, more efficient art and added center crosshairs to help with targeting
  • The UI Setting, Reopen Auto Closed Windows, will reopen to Personal Crafting instead of the last Station
  • Updated the crafting icon for the Gryphon mount transmog

Eternal Kingdom

Added and placed some ladders in the Caldera parcel

  • Added interacts to placeable staircases
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing vendor stalls from being interacted with after placing them
  • Fixed issues when socketing chests to guild halls and crafting decks that were causing the chests to be left behind when the main deed was picked up
  • Fixed an issue with trees that were unharvestable in the Mountain Citadel and blocking building placement
  • Fixed an issue where  guild member chests could not be opened if they were placed on the starting parcel
  • Fixed an issue where public EKs sometimes wouldn't stay open for three hours if the setting had just changed from private to public
  • Fixed an issue where the button for entering an EK from the lobby would sometimes not show the loading icon after being pushed
  • Fixed an issue where the Stone Staircase EK placeable could not be moved or picked up after initial placement
  • Fixed an issue where recently changed settings for an EK wouldn't correctly update in EK editor if it was reopened
  • Fixed ladders in several EK Castle parcels
  • Fixed some issues where players were floating in EKs and sinking in God statues
  • Public EKs should remain public even if a non-VIP player wakes the EK
  • The toggle for switching an EK to Public is now grayed out for non-VIP monarchs
  • When attempting to name an EK and the same name is already used with different capitalization changes, the name cannot be used.


  • Changed "Leave Guild" confirmation to warn about the 24-hour cooldown before the player can join another guild
  • Fixed a bug where the crow release prompt could be hidden for certain characters
  • Ranged stat on the equipment UI should now show stat contributions only from weapons enabled by your current tray
  • Restored the key binding for switching to the previous chat tab
  • The confirmation window that appears when destroying a building can now respond to hotkey presses (Y for Confirm, N for Cancel)
  • The "Invite Friend" prompt will be replaced with "Remove Friend" when interacting with a nearby player that's already on your friend list


  • Repositioned the Guild Chat tab to appear earlier in the chat window


  • General
    • Double jump now no longer allows players to enter the castle
    • Fixed an issue causing Fae Faerie Flames VFX to remain whenever it is removed by an ultimate
    • Fixed an issue where Spirit Whip was hitting the same ranged target multiple times
    • Fixed Nethari and Guinecean unarmed attack damage values in the spellbook
    • Knight and Cleric Block buff tooltip updated to include Block Bonus Cap increase
    • Removed the descriptive term "poison" from Shiv buff tooltips for Blackmantle and Slowing poison so you doesn’t imply that it applies two types of poison
    • Runic Frostcaster: Fae, High-Elf, Wood-Elf should all have the correct inventory icons now
    • Updated the description of Guiding Light Aura to indicate it buffs Bonus Damage: Holy and Bonus Damage: Fire
    • Updated the orbs generated from Burning Hatred, Gaea’s growth, and Taste of Poison so that they no longer spawn on top of your target
  • Assassin 
    • Envenom power description is now updated to describe how the power works
    • Fixed Assassin Bloodthirsty granting more than one stack per hit.
    • Updated an issue where Fae's Faerie Fire would not show the "stealth blocked" message when players try to stealth
    • Updated the icon for Blur in the assassin talent tree
  • Champion
    • Stamina Replenishment Buff now has a correct tooltip description
  • Cleric 
    • Holy Symbol now has a hit sound
    • Cleric Block description is now  identical to Knight's
    • Spiritual Presence now has custom sound
  • Confessor
    • Magma Ball now benefits from the Sanctifier Promotion Class damage bonus
  • Duelist
    • Fixed the return to idle for Duelist attacks so that jumping can actually interrupt it
    • Updated Duelist dynamite so that it no longer ends early if the player is trying to move while dodging
    • Updated the description of Graceful Swipe so that it indicates the correct duration
  • Druid
    • The visual fx for Coalesce Nature 3 now displays correctly
    • Druid orbs can now be seen by Players who are in the same group as the caster.
  • Fae
    • Fae Flying sound no longer persists until unstealthed
    • Adjusted split body curves on the Fae female unarmed attacks (The lower body movement is weird when doing the roundhouse kick with 3rd LMB and has now been fixed)
  • Frostweaver
    • Resource usage shows more properly in the Flytext
  • Half Giant
    • Fixed an issue when a male Myrmidon equipped weapon is not attached properly on the hands of the vessel (wrong rotation of weapon)  
  • High Elf 
    • Updated the icon of the second basic attack for high elves, it is actually a kick
  • Knight
    • Retribution buff should display the correct stats value in the tooltip description
    • Noble Blood Removed the word seconds which was duplicated in the description of Oath of Will


  • Agent Provocateur
    • Fixed a text error with the Piercing Vulnerability debuff from Caltrops
  • Deadly Infected
    • Blackmantle from envenom no longer has temporary text 
  • Force Mage
    • Elemental Break - Removed the string code from showing and changed to Elemental Mitigation modified by 20%
  • Illusory Shield
    • Fixed typo in the word Ricochet
  • Pixie /  Sun Worshipper
    • Chain Heal power should now heal the correct number of targets
  • Restoration Strike 
    • Restoration Strike Combo 1 & 2 power now has sound effects


  • Account vault will now properly show a divider (/) between numbers
  • Added a description to the vessel quality increase popup to better explain how to get XP post increasing vessel quality
  • Added line of sight filter to NPC duelist pistol attack
  • Added weapon trail nodes to the human player character races
  • Adjusted video effect culling on Arcane book weapon
  • Bosses and other mobs that are level 36+ should appropriately grant XP when they are killed
  • Corrected the description of the Dragon Sigil Badge so it reads 2% Damage Bonus
  • Equipped tools should no longer drop on death in The Shadow
  • Fixed a bug where the crow release prompt wouldn't be shown while bleeding out if the player was next to an interactable stronghold table during a siege
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from executing chat commands containing Cyrillic player names
  • Fixed an issue that caused Severe Burning (from NPCs) to display a text error
  • Fixed an issue where Guild crests were not appearing on siege results
  • Fixed an issue where ingots were not spawning in Forts
  • Fixed an issue where mounting after resurrecting in the same zone does not show the mount
  • Fixed an issue where NPC quest voice-overs were not playing
  • Fixed an issue where the invite command for grouping was case sensitive
  • Fixed an issue where the prompts for social interact options (trade, invite, etc) weren't being closed properly
  • Fixed an issue with Female Centaur Hair Style no.5 in character creation
  • Fixed an issue with the grouping and EK commands that were preventing players with dots or dashes in their names from being found
  • Fixed Half Elf Plate helmet clipping through the head
  • Fixed missing Caravans in Dregs and Shadow
  • Flytext optimizations
  • Fixed some terrain that was culling and blinking 
  • Fixed Sun Elf Herald loot drops so it only drops one statue head based upon its name
  • Fixed the Wood Elf male cloth helm when equipped will no longer make you bald
  • Flytext for damage that is done to barriers will now be displayed in light blue next to the 0 <156>
  • Harvest nodes that decay will no longer give experience and loot when they time out
  • It should no longer be possible to interact with an inventory item that is in the process of being deleted
  • God's Reach temples have new additional ambient sounds
  • Lootable NPC corpses should now have a visual indicator that they can be looted
  • Mature Hellcat Mauler should no longer be stuck and undamageable
  • Modified the Gods Reach to add new parcels
  • Mounts granted as quest rewards now display Mount-Quest as their item tier
  • NPCs should have an image on their nameplates now
  • Restricted gate access to exit a temple to the temple's faction to avoid killing players leaving the temple with the wrong faction
  • Sentinel Maeve: Health reduction reduced to 20%.
  • Sentinel Yaga: Support Power reduction reduced to 15%
  • The Hero Statue in the  Sun Temple of Gods Reach is back! 
  • The Muftaru Zone no longer has invisible objects that make players rubberband
  • The Russian translation has been limited to Innova and Legacy/Grandfathered RU users. Players that don't qualify for Russian access that are currently using Russian will have their game client's language defaulted to English (the language can be changed to the other available languages from the settings at any time)
  • The underground crypt area now has ambient sound in Temple, and birds/bugs are muted
  • Updated the sacrifice window so drag and drop works over everything but the buttons.
  • Updating the camera positions of many Quest NPCs
  • Underhill Duelists can no longer shoot through walls.
  • Vendor NPC Coffers indicate the amount of gold charged is a pro rated fee based on how long it has been since you relocated it.
  • You should no longer need to unequip and reequip a weapon or armor piece to get it to count toward the damage values in combat after zoning or logging in


  • All Mounts have new shoes and now make sounds when walking 
  • Champion powers Aegis of Destruction and Aegis of Salvation now have custom sounds
  • Electric, Lightning, and Crushing Elementals now have custom sounds for their type
  • Fixed click sound on Export Items button in the Lobby Vault
  • Fixed some sound issues with Banewood Trees
  • Fixed sounds not playing their louder versions when originating from the local player
  • NPC versions of Myrmidon Arcing Slash and Bloody Swipe powers now have hit SFX
  • Players and NPCs now play footsteps if moving behind the camera
  • Shout and Burp emotes now have sounds 
  • Sound for Barrage now better matches the length of the animation 
  • The Gaea Sacrifice Level Up sound now has a new, more noticeably unique sound


  • Adjusted Soldier Sanev's position to stop the quest marker from clipping through the wall
  • Burn the Tents interaction nameplate and quest marker no longer overlap
  • Changed the icon in the tutorial event for Intermediate Gear to have color and texture, Oh so pretty!
  • Don't worry Quest now has a world marker to the Pack pigs
  • Elemental Hotzone parcels now spawn the elemental NPC
  • Fixed campfires so they no longer appear to be floating
  • Fixed a clipping issue with satchels in the NPE
  • Fixed a typo in Jaswinder's dialogue
  • Fixed an issue where Captain Flavius didn't have a voice on one of his quest dialogs
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to interact with the Tree of Life in The Seed of Life quest
  • Fixed an issue where the Tree of Life was floating in The Seed of Life quest
  • Fixing more quest markers related to Captain Vatra of the Sun Temple in Gods Reach
  • It's a Trap quest: Typheinne no longer speaks for Dolag 
  • Moved the spider spawns in the Moon Temple of Gods Reach by Gawain. There should be less near the satchel and much more around Gawain himself.
  • Read the Journal quest table no longer blocks the door
  • The Solo Boss Auroch that is near Yuri & Hilda has been slain for good and will no longer pester those in the area
  • Updated the "Go to the Temple" system message. It shall now be titled "This World is Dying" and only mention when the campaign is ending
  • Updated the text on the quest formerly titled Outposts Galore to reflect that you now only need to capture one outpost
  • Updated the Quest Image for the Ranger's Sanctuary quest

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