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Druid tray replacement


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I think if the tray was replaced by a meter that just drained while using death magic and filled using life magic would be better. You could increase the damage and healing to compensate the lesser amount of spells in the tool bar. Thus changing the ultimate to do aoe damage and aoe healing to yourself and realm mates. I'd change the basic attack to just having the wisp balls heal allies and If any enemies hit them they'd do small aoe damage. Replace the passive that allows the balls to do damage when the druid goes over them with a new passive, let's say a new combo of a well spring that either heals or does damage in a large aoe.

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Basically you have 1 tray. Each life spell you use adds to your pool and death magic takes from it. This is for the arch druid build. Then the wisp balls explode , upon exploding they heal everyone near them. It's a small change mixing stormcaller mechanics and earth keepers. I don't like how they have the arch druid trays and limits on some abilities. 

Plus I think a small improvement on the heals and damage are in order. 


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Having two trays for the Archdruid is fine. As Thorns mentioned, I too like the control and variability that comes with two trays. I am able to have my personal tray setup with abilities from various sources. The tray system is not perfect though. One of the problems I see with the tray system is that we have to have two separate buttons bound in order to tray swap. I come from eso where one button quickly toggles between the two trays. I wish this could be an option in Crowfall for the Archdruid; however, I also understand the weirdness of some classes having a third tray (stealth). The chunkiness as a result of the current tray system is one of the many inefficiencies with the class that if addressed could make it more in line with other classes in Crowfall. I think the class is missing just a few things right now that I can describe further in a future thread. Regardless, Archduid is by far my favorite Crowfall class and I am excited to see more opinions of the class.

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