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Discs not the only thing I would like to change in my EK.


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So I was chilling in my EK after building my new Test range. Instantly I was struck with another giant QoL I need... I need the ability as a VIP to change my spec inside my EK, this way I can actually put the training area to actual use.  Granted I guess it doesn't matter since today my my EK doesn't load it just spins indefinitely, while claiming it's loading. 


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  • Nichivo changed the title to Discs not the only thing I would like to change in my EK.

TBH every single vendor in the GR temples, and every function of the GR temples should be available in the EK.

Its a little ridiculous that every player owns an EK but those same players find themselves routinely logging in to the tutorial world just to do basic npc vendor or character modification tasks.

LMAO my website is broken please click this to apply to Flames of Exile (maybe, if that's not busted too)

On 5/11/2015 at 1:48 PM, CAWCAWCAW said:

Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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