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Transmog: Twitch Drop: Sentinel's Steed Of Cybele missing?


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Hello together,

iam just wondering if u dont get a Transmog Version of this Mount Skin?
Becouse i claimed my Swift Horse some days ago after the stream, but dont get the transmog Version of it jet.
But today i get  the white Version (VIP) of this Unicorn and instant the transmog as well.

Thx for the answer, i hope its a missing skin becouse its sad if u only have one swiftmount with the twitch skin D:.


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I noticed too that the Twitch version didn't show up in the transmogs.  Oddly enough I know people who didn't even watch the stream that have gotten the mount as a reward too, though I didn't ask them if it was just a one time claimable like we experienced or if they can transmog as well.

Just realized your question was regarding the swift mount, which you only get one of.  You have to get another swift mount in game and you can apply the Spirited Steed skin to it.

But seriously curious, what's the deal with the Twitch version not being a transmog?  All other twitch mounts I've gotten have given me transmogs why stop now?

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Same issue here, I just lost my Sentinel's Steed of Cybele due to PvP deaths and can't transmog it back.

A 1-time use Twitch drop is pretty crappy. @ACE-Tiggs told me on the community Discord this shouldn't be the case and that they fixed it Friday, but I do not have the option to create another one 😢

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