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Best majors and minors for a pvp Myrmidon?


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Hi all,

I made a Titan as it seemed like a great character for farming mobs and it does great.  However, it seems very lacklustre when going 1v1 or in small group pvp.  

I'm going to try and finetune it so I can be more competitive in pvp and would welcome advice.

Firstly, should I consider switching from the Titan for pvp?

Secondly, what are your thoughts on which majors and minors to take?

I've been using stalker and runescarred gladiator.  Runescarred gladiator seems like a good fit for the reprisal skill to soak up and then return damage.  Stalker for the slow applied when attacking a bleeding enemy.  

For minors I've been using thornshield to return damage and stay in the fight for the basic attack damage buff.  Does anyone have any thoughts about class, majors and minors that might help?

Thanks in advance. 



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There is no better 1v1 class than Titan. If you're losing, you're doing a lot more wrong than just using a bad discipline loadout. Myrm's probably one of the only classes that requires you to strategize at small scale, and you're probably flubbing up your Beserk crash mitigation. To answer your question though:

I used freedom fighter / stalker for majors, and Weapon Finesse / Payback for minors. I picked up demolish armor instead of the extra minor, but in general you can just follow the guide that's posted in this subforum and you'll do fine.

Runescarred is a good major but you just don't have the hotbar slots to spare for it. Anything is better than Thornshield. It's a garbage ass minor. Don't ever use it on anyone for any reason. 50 flat damage per hit? What an absolute waste of a hotbar slot. This is just my personal opinion, buuut

Weapon Finesse (Either weapon type) > Payback > Subvert Expectations (Mace Mainhand) > Underdog > Last Resort > Subvert Expectations (Axe Mainhand) > Stay in the Fight

Weapon finesse seems useless for axe wielders at a glance, but it improves your power efficiency stat, which increases Left click damage far more than any other stat. It's actually insane just how much damage it gives your left click. It's counter-intuitive as all hell, but what else is new in Crowfall.

Subvert's damage bonus is really only noticeable if you are using a mace in your main hand, but there are good reasons not to do that. This ranking is based on having Legendary Minors and a WHITE weapon finesse (because the droprate is buggy and you will never see a single uncommon one)


Freedom Fighter is a must have major. It's literally non negotiable. To play without freedom fighter is to throw half your winnable fights in the trash. It's good for 3 things.

1) Flash cast to interrupt whirlwind or any active CC.

2) Guarantee a full Beserk rotation's worth of damage and ensure you don't crash once.

3) Nigh-uncounterable Combat Bandage


The first 2 are self explanatory but I used #3 more than the others. The strat is simple.

1) Leap away (preferably around a corner)

2) Pop Beserk

3) Pop FF

4) Bandage until you have about 2 to 2.5 seconds left on your Beserk timer

5) Interrupt your bandage with Neck Slice (hit them if they're near)

6) Pulverize for as short of a time as possible

7) Leap away and wait for Beserk

If you do it right, you'll negate 80-100% of the damage you took while bandaging and you'll have healed yourself to boot. I've won more fights than I can count doing this, and it's reeeally cheesy. It's countered by smart players but if you're in a true 1v1 you're probably not fighting a smart player. Oh, you can also skip steps 5 and 6 if your ult is up and just pop that at 0.7~ seconds instead for an extra bit of healing and damage mitigation.


Having a crafted weapon is also pretty important. Ideally you can find an axe with really high damage (105-115 pre enchant). A mace can be fine too but if you pick up a mace you MUST use Weapon Finesse. If you don't, you're going to see "NOT ENOUGH FURY" when you pulverize, and then you get to watch yourself die.


If you're using pulverize while the enemy is in front of you or if you're going out of your way to deal damage with it, you're probably playing it wrong. You always want to fight around buildings and rocky terrain, and you want to be leaping out and pulverizing behind them every single time your Beserk runs out.

Just remember to always keep your buffs / debuffs up (Demolish Armor, Serrated Blade, Opportunist Passive), and to be using Neck Slice as much as possible. Believe it or not though, 60% of your damage is left clicks, and your most damaging rotation is simply spamming Left -> Left -> Left -> Neck Slice. If you're spec'd into bloodied swipe you can replace the left click part of that rotation with the bloody combo instead, but I didn't really like how that felt. Damage seemed lower.


When it comes to fights above 4 people though, yeah, Titan is holding you back. It has very mediocre AoE damage, and its only real utility is pulling people with his net. Heals essentially negate the usefulness of Titan Beserk and when the incoming damage is high enough, it becomes more of a liability than a safety net. You'll find yourself wasting a lot of time in fights running away to pulverize while you watch your allies die without you. It can be a bummer. I'm not saying you can't succeed here, it's just that you'll start to notice the cracks in the class design the higher the player count gets.

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3 hours ago, skribbz said:

@Delfofthebla, do you have any way of judging how much damage, or w/e, Power Efficiency is worth? Like X amount of Power Efficiency equals X amount of basic attack damage?

Not really, but you can test it by unequipping and equipping minors in the temple and looking at your tooltip damage for your left click. It should update properly.

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