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Retooling the VS with what CF already has


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First of all, what it the VS now? Basically you are a "more" stealthy slayer. You butter up your target with "from stealth" skills then supposedly explode on them with "slayer burst". The problem I have is this isn't how it's played in PvE (not that PvE matters too much, but you still have to do it) and the stealth part is basically tickle damage anyway.

The 1st part is because mobs "know where you are" anytime you are "visible". Mobs don't need LoS to know where you are. You can't use [cheap shot] and [go for broke] because you get hit for sure and that leads to the knockdown. So the only thing you do from stealth that matters is [recon]. At that point, you are really just a slayer (both slayer and VS gain 100 AP and 9 range). 

The 2nd part is the damage from stealth is pretty meh. Then there are the talents and perks for going VS. The talent for going VS are all for visible combat. The talents unlocked for going VS are for invisibility but aren't really "used". [cloak of shadows] is damage mitigation that you NEVER want to use. You never want to get hit. You never want to be in a situation where you are getting hit. You don't enter/leave stealth to get hit. Stealth is for ambush or escape, NOT mitigation. Even the mitigation part is "useless" for entering stealth because damage takes you out of stealth.

So how do we differentiate VS from slayer? IMHO: pump up the stealth portion of the kit. Increase the stealth stat gain for going VS. Increase the damage for using the stealth mechanic.

Both slayer and VS can use stealth. The difference is slayer is a more visible fighter outside of applying expose via [recon]. So instead of making VS a slayer with an extra stealth button every 5 mins, make the VS a stealth fighter.

  • Give VS cooldown reduction: short (just like knights get cooldown reduction: long for taking [into the fray]. Reduce the cd of [cheap shot] and [go for broke] to 9 sec. What does this do? This gives VS 2 low cd skills they can sort of spam in place of basic attacks. This also makes it so you don't affect skills like [caltrops] and [stink bomb].
  • Change [cloak of shadows] increase damage done when entering/leaving stealth. What does this do? VS can be played visibly. You get decent sustain with [pepperbox shot] + [sweet victory]. This gives the player an incentive to play stealth. Why damage? Because the only thing you can do from stealth that has a huge impact is damage. [recon] by itself does "nothing". That leaves [cheap shot] and [go for broke] both of which are damage ([cheap shot] even has a crit buff).
  • Change [into the shadows] to give barrier when entering/leaving stealth. This allows you to "protect" your stealth and stealth attacks. Retaliatory ability just hard counter both [cheap shot] and [go for broke].
  • Swap [ricochet] with [feral instincts]. A 1 target cleave isn't really that useful on pistol/pistol duelists. All duelist builds benefit from [feral instincts] with VS more so because that is the actual stealth promotion.
  • Increase the stealth stat gained for going VS and on the [spy master] talent. Make them really difficult to spot because they "do nothing" outside of stealth.

And there it is. This is my offering to the powers that be at ACE.

Edited by Wanini
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