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Siege is currently unplayable, unfun, and underwhelming.


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The past three days of sieging has proven that the siege gameplay is just bad.  And the problem is that the issue isn't a single issue, but multiple glaring defects that combine into a mess of a system.  These issues being Zergs, Zones Caps, AoE Target Caps, and Objectives.

1. Zergs

This one is easy, one zerg to rule them all.  When a 500 man alliance has enough members to 2v1 a fight then there is zero counterplay.  A 500 man alliance is just too much, it encourages a consolidation of groups that basically make the entire game just a escalation of zergs.

2. Zone Caps

This will slightly be alleviated by hand shake sieges but the laughable caps proposed for keep sieges will still result in slideshows and a zerg centric strategy.  Large Keeps being 50 defenders, 75 Attackers. Small Keeps being 30 Defenders, 45 Attackers.  A 150 zone cap for a small keep is barely playable right now.  A 250 Large Keep fight will be a slide show.

3. AoE Target Caps

These caps dramatically favor what ever group has more people.  Unrestricting the number of targets hit would mean that trying to push through AoE would result in actual deaths.  Right now if you do a coordinated AoE, a force of greater numbers can just push through it knowing that the same person is rarely going to be hit with enough AoE damage to kill them through heals.  With no cap, this tactic becomes a lot more dangerous.  Even without removing the AoE cap, a increase to 20-30 people would at least help.

4. Objectives

A problem with handshake sieges is there will be a common situation where informal NAPs/Sister Alliances will be formed to protect keeps by dropping warcamps that will just make other unable to drop.  Handshake Sieging should be extended to Forts, and Forts should be the jump off point for attacking a keep in the zone.  Fort fights should be a 30v30 and the jump off should be from dropped warcamps.

Failure to succeed in a warcamp attack prevents you from attacking that fort for 3 days. Failure to succeed in a keep siege from that fort lowers your cap for defending that fort to 20 players for the next 3 days.


Just some thoughts but the current system and even the proposed system seem detrimental to the life of siege.

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