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AC is dropping the ball....


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I'm enjoying your game but today I had my worse experience at Crowfall in the last 6 months. It seems to get worse by the day, and not better as it should... 

Bugs and constant loading screens mid zoned, server crashes in sieges, different terrain from other players so they see me flying (upon a hill only I can see) and I can't reach anybody as a healer, constant need to change resolutions to nameplates and health bars to show again, bad optimization even to close your game I need to Ctlr+alt+del. It's just too much.   

When closing the game and reopening is the ONLY way to make your game work as intended again, making us get queues all over is just game-breaking and makes me seriously consider quitting. 

I'm here to give feedback and try to understand why we keep playing a game like this. 


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we found a fix that has been working for us, change resolution when you  change zones, takes 2 seconds, but fixes nameplate bugs and terrain bugs

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