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Does have anybody a link from  new fury build . What is important stats and skills??  Thank you for every answer ! 

                                                                     Praise the sun 


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I think the consensus is that Fury doesn't make a lot of sense as a class.

Templars are mainly useful as a front-line line-holding class. Their parry is unique (it's a lot better than knight block in a big fight) so they're meant to stay up front, parry a lot of damage and either womp people (Vindicator) or help hold the line with strong heals for themselves and other melees (Paladin).

Fury actually seems more designed to be in small group fights, with CC that has a limited target selection (the Fury shout only hits 3 targets). But that doesn't make much sense because Templars have no stealth and such low mobility that none of them are very suitable to small open world fights, so "Furies are meant for small open world fights but Templars aren't" is where you're at here. They are a contradiction and they don't really work.

If you insist on trying it, my advice is at least roll Nethari and get Archery minor, so you can put the Nethari double dodge on your ranged bar and switch to that when you need to run. That's the one way to try and make a viable small group / open world Templar.

Otherwise stick with Paladin or Vindicator and stick with big battles.

If you want to be an open world melee CC-oriented class, the real answer I would give you is to roll a Champion-Barbarian. Great CC + self-heals + high mobility makes them an ideal choice for smaller, open world fights. They can fight, they can chase people down and they stand a fair chance at escape if they need to. They can't hold a line like a Templar can but for the job I think you want to do, Barbarian is simply a better Fury.

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Thank you for your answer , what you write makes a lot sense to me , it was just an idea which i will put aside for now , but i will have a look into the champion -barberian as you suggested ,thanks again for this good answer!!!  🙃

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