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Music Disciplines Stats need to be tweaked.


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Music disciples (Minstrel, Entertainer, Troubadour, Guardian Rhythms, Song of Speed, Minor Accomplishment, Dirge of Dissonance, Lament of Sadness) need to have their statistic for upgrading them changed from Song Duration to an actual stat. Song duration should come from a Power that can be found similar to Song Twisting/Reprise, it could come on a minor or on a major.

The song duration could be replaced with:

Minstrel: 3 Anti-Crit

Entertainer: 5 Crit DMG or 2 Crit.

Troubadour: 5 Song DMG

Guardian Rhythms: 50AP or 100 All Resist.

Song of Speed: 2% In Combat Speed

Minor Accomplishment: 2% Crit

Dirge of Dissonance: 5 Song DMG.

Lament of Sadness: 100 All Resist.

*NEW* Magnum Opus (Minor): "Song Duration Increased by 3 for 5 seconds, stacking 4 times. Playing a song at max stacks refreshing all stacks." with a 2% Crit Chance.

*NEW* Prodigy (Major): (Verse of Victory, Song Twisting, Stage Presence) Stage Presence: "Your Songs now affect up to 10 allies regardless of group.  Your Song now hit an additional 5 enemies.) 500 Health, 300 Elemental Resists.


Pure Bard specs get a huge lose of stats that reduce their max potential, and people who run some of these buffs have no reason to upgrade because all they get is song duration.  In addition the only means of getting song damage (as far as I know) is Minor Accomplishment and it still leaves 10% Song DMG to reach cap.

In addition to this there is a problem with the role of a dedicated Bard.  Since you only give buffs to your party, you can't justify going dedicated Bard because at most you only affect 5 people.

Adding a Minor or another Major that allows your Buffs to extend to nearest 10 allies regardless of group would mean that having 1 person as a dedicated Bard would be a huge boon to a comp.

Lastly change Song of Replenishment to a healing Aura that is affected by healing power and support power.  Only use right now is Song Twist. 

Edited by Wynta
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