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7.100.0 Live Feedback for 9/9/2021

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Do you think you can shrink down or get rid of the faction emblems? They are so obnoxious and can be spotted so far off. There is no real option for some classes to try to evade. It also seems to kill tactical advantage. Rather than spotting movement all I have to do is look for the gigantic bright emblem coming at me or running from me. 

Maybe just put smaller emblems over players in your same faction? OR What about only having the emblems show up when your crosshairs are very near them while they are out side of 15 meters? Or What about giving a few classes a scout like ability to mark enemies for the team?

At least that way:

1. You know enemies won't have faction emblems. 2. If you are trying to position for a smarter attack you won't be as easily spotted. 3. If you are trying to evade, you might have a chance to get away without an bright "marked for death" symbol above your head.


I've heard several players complaining of how this kills tactics and intuition. I agree.

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Some thoughts on the new alliance cap..
I feel it is a step in the right direction, though in it's current state has maybe caused as many issues as it has solved.

Removing the 5 guild per alliance cap should help "smaller" guilds remain functional, without having to be absorbed into the larger zergs.  I think there are plenty of players like me who are interested in being a part of the zergy content from time to time but have less interest in being full time part of a large zerg.  By removing the guilds per alliance cap and allowing an alliance to reach the 500 player cap with any means would allow smaller guilds to keep the current atmosphere we are playing in while enabling us to be part of more game content without having to join one of the few alliances that are currently able to participate in keep sieges, and even, unfortunately, forts on most nights.

Not sure if it was the devs intentions for forts to be done by groups of like 60+ but I feel like that is a keep siege force, and forts should be more focused on the medium scale.


Also the alliance cap should only count for players who choose to lock into dregs, so that inactive members don't have to be booted from their guilds and if they choose to come back later be forced to either re-apply for guild or find a new one, which is a huge turn off I think.  This would have to make "locking in" more important though to prevent players from simply unlocking at the end of their session to make room for other players to join in, and effectively circumventing the alliance cap.

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It would be nice if using the "Hide UI" option were expanded to include more options such as:

• Hide UI except player and NPC names, shields, and health

• Hide UI except chat


Right now it's everything or nothing is hidden. 

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Please give us a Linux and MacOS client. There are many, many people who will buy the game simply because it's available on those platforms. Isn't Unity supposed to compile for those platforms? I think that it would go over quite well for the game and community as a whole.

Just because people aren't asking you for it doesn't mean it's not wanted. Most people just don't expect it. Surprise everyone with a Linux client. You could see a huge uptick in new users.

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Not important but thought it be a cool little feature for down the line.

Would be nice to see quality of skulls (White/green/blue/purple/orange) drop based on the amount of kills that player has gotten since they died last. So every 5 kills without a death will bump it up to the next quality.
Would be a nice little trophy feature i think,

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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