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Top tier crafting, am I missing something?


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Hey everyone,

So I'm leg/leg leatherworker, 127 exp cap, and +19.98 leg/epic jewelry exp diff reduction.

When I hammer out an epic tunic they're usually 1050armor and 9-10% bonus to dmg. I feel like it should be higher, I'll go "are you insane?" And get 90-110% on rolls, but never really higher... I'm a guinny with 2 legendary and 1 epic rings, and one epic necklace... Been working on finding a JC to finish legendary all round for the extra +2 diff reduction. In an EK with thrall bonus, says 40% with my legen belt

I make all the pieces with same color of treated leather. 

Pop a bon tippers, sapho, and pot pie

Hit assemble, then pop a cheese for +5 diff reduction with extra exp point from pot pie

Hit experiment on "are you insane?!" And my rolls are sometimes pretty bad, sometimes good, but never super great... 

What am I missing? Does the extra +2 diff reduction from full legendary jewelry really matter that much? Or is this pretty normal? 









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8 hours ago, phennexion said:

Oh, does level and vessel affect much past 30 even tho stats are capped?

Only your stats matter. Better level and vessel just help you get those stats.


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