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War Tribe Bazaar - Crowfall Market Place


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Hi there!
Before I jump in: I know there is some push back for having a marketplace so please spare the opinion piece.
War Tribe Bazaar
I started a project to create a single marketplace to make it easier for both buyers and sellers to find what their looking for. Created a comprehensive (and growing) google sheets with a google form to make it easy to setup a listing. Once you're wares have been purchased and Discord bot/command will take care of removing your listing from the marketplace. Super simple way to help ease some tension from aggravated buyers.

Created a google sheets to house listings from Sellers. Sellers will start off by filling out a Google Form that contains 90% of all Crowfall items. Allow buyers to easily navigate the sheet to help speed up purchase and reduce frustration of EK jumping.

Finish making all items available from Google Form. Later, if there is enough traction here, take time to create a third-party application.

If you are interested, please join here - https://discord.gg/xM2hJS8sUU and head to the #info Channel.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you for checking it out!

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