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Myrmidon, a class Review


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Got bored and typed this up a few weeks ago, decided I'd clean it up a little and post it just so I can get it out of my head. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, but this has been my "launch" experience up until the end of the last Dregs over the course of a 100-200 hours. I haven't played at all this dregs because well, you know. Anyways here's my wall of text:


Overall, I think the Myrmidon class is very fun to play. It offers very unique solutions to survival and against ignorant opponents you can win a normally "unwinable" fight. However, Myrmidon fails as a base class in several ways, and could use some refining from the devs. First off, let's talk about the class's resource;


Fury, as a resource, is extremely flawed. Assuming the player is wielding 2 axes, is not using Weapon Finesse, and does not take "Tough-Hide" passive, you will never have any issues with Fury. You will never empty the bar, you will never be "waiting" for it to regenerate, and over the course of a long fight, you will still be at your maximum fighting potential. There are several abilities and passives that grant you Fury regeneration, but they are completely unneeded and provide no tangible benefit. Now...I do not necessarily think that this is a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with having a class be entirely cooldown based, but Fury feels very lazy. If Fury is supposed to be an additional limiting factor on ability usage, it should be changed. If we don't really think Fury is that important, then it should just be removed and all abilities altering Fury regeneration should be buffed or changed in some way.

But if I rewind for a second, there was one clear "catch" to the statement. "2 axes". Yes, if you are wielding 1 mace and 1 axe, or god forbid, 2 maces, you will have a very different experience. The weapon weight system is clearly a relic of earlier game designs, and the impact a high weight weapon has on your Fury is astronomical. To put it bluntly, if you are using a single mace you must use Weapon Finesse or Tough-Hide, and if using 2 maces, you must use BOTH! Failure to do so will result in a more clunky rotation at best, and at worst, it will mean you do not have enough Fury to cast key abilities (such as Pulverize) when you need it, resulting in a near-guaranteed death for Titans, and to a lesser degree Battleragers. The sad thing is that there are very little benefits to using a mace in either hand, let alone both.

When comparing Axes and Maces, it's not uncommon to see Maces with around 5-10 more weapon damage compared to Axes. At first glance, this makes using them seem appealing. After all, more damage is better, right?

No. Having 1 or 2 maces means your "Power Cost Multiplier" stat is much higher. If you have never read the tooltip on this ridiculous stat, it drastically modifies your left click damage. For the better, you might say! Nope. Crazy, right? Why would using a heavier weapon make you do LESS damage? But it's true! On top of the Fury complications I mentioned above, having a heavier weapon drastically lowers your left click damage. A big portion of Myrmidon's damage comes from left click combos, so this is a hefty price. The damage output from your left click is not quite as pronounced as it is for Cleric Radicals, but you left click a LOT as a Myrm, and using just a single mace can lower your left click damage output by thousands during a lengthy fight. To top off this nonsense, all of the solutions to mace problems (Power Efficiency bonuses, Weight Reduction Enchants) not only apply to axes, but benefit them more! Meaning there is no reason to ever equip a mace as a Myrmidon. (Or any other class that can use them, to be honest.)

To summarize: Weapon weight is flawed. Power Cost Multiplier is flawed. Fury is flawed. Combine all these together and Myrmidon is a mess.


Now let's talk about the promotions for a second.

While playing solo or in small to moderate sized groups, the Titan feels amazing. He has insane survivability, great damage, and some decent offensive utility. He can chase and punish running targets, and even pull/lock down high priority enemies. Burst damage isn't necessarily Titan's forte, but he can still ensure that slippier targets stay in the fight and go down quicker, and that's useful.

In the the right geography, against the right classes, and in the hands of the right player, Titan cannot lose. I do mean this. There are many fights that you just cannot beat a Titan in. It won't happen. Certain kits just don't have the tools necessary to even deal a single point of damage to you. I've had the luxury of winning several 1v3s, 1v4s, and even an insane 1v6. Titan might be the only class that requires the enemy to actually strategize and counter specific abilities and behavior in order to win. If you're fighting a Titan, you cannot simply press all of your abilities in a rotation like you can with every other braindead matchup. This promotion is the noob killer. The current 'meta' solo class is Blackguard, and is widely regarded as overpowered and unbeatable. Titan can 1v2 two Blackguards. I'm not exaggerating, it's that strong. But since it requires the Titan to actually have some level of skill and practice, very few stick with it.

In sieges and fort fights however, things get a lot less viable, and a lot less fun. He can still pull targets and focus them down, but that's effectively all he can do. Your AoE damage is restricted to melee range (and therefore worthless), but it also does insignificant damage compared to every other class. The increased enemy count means that the Titan is at a significantly higher risk of Beserk Crashing from CC effects. Due to the vast amount of ranged AoE damage, his crashes are much more significant, blackmantle is much more present, and even when mitigating crashes you could still be taking very large quantities of "permanent" damage. Overall, you won't see a single guild that "wants" to bring a Titan to a 'real' fight, and your gameplay during these times is depressingly boring.

Earlier I mentioned that while using maces, you may run into a situation where you do not have enough Fury to use "Pulverize". If maces were more useful, perhaps that could be recognized as a valid "con" of going Titan compared to the other promotions, but that's not the case.

In exchange for nearly all of Titan's survivability and damage, Conqueror gains CC immunity, an RNG stun, a suppress, and an AoE blind (that no build uses). It also gains the music domain which can help alleviate some of the damage loss, but it definitely puts him in more of a support role. I can never force myself to stay Conqueror for long. It's much harder to win small scale fights, and in medium to large scale battles (12+), I do not notice an improvement to my impact in the fight. The nature of Requiem makes it somewhat difficult to tell, but the sad truth is that the only thing a conqueror brings to the fight is the music domain, and so his effectiveness is directly linked to the viability and potency of those songs.

The biggest problems I face as a Myrm are a lack of AoE damage, and a lack of ranged damage. Conqueror does not solve these problems. Troubadour's Requiem can provide a large benefit to your team, especially if you can stay stacked on a group of enemies, but because Beserk no longer "heals all damage dealt" as it did with Titan, and because Whirlwind does significantly less damage as a conqueror, you are unable to push into the enemy team freely. You must move slowly with your group, and stand in their heals. Conqueror does not solve problems, it creates new ones. It is easily the worst Promotion and anyone who plays it is better off picking a different class that can make better use of the Music domain.

Battlerager's problem is much the same as conqueror, but with small differences. You can actually heal all damage again, which is great, but there's only one way to ensure you mitigate the full crash every time: Whirlwind. You could make an argument against taking whirlwind as a Titan. You could even make an argument against taking Whirlwind for a Conqueror. You cannot make that choice as a Battlerager. You will die, you will die fast, and you will die a lot. Whereas the Titan can focus on left click combos and Neck Slices to ensure a consistent and high dps output, the Battlerager must whirlwind. Picking up the Gore talent is also considerably more necessary as a Battlerager, as its 0cd multi hit attack can allow you to rack up Beserk mitigation charges much more than your left click combo can. Unfortunately the DPS output of this move is lower than your left click, so you'll be taking yet another damage output loss in exchange for survivability.

In a "many vs many" situation, your options improves somewhat, but you are still forced to whirlwind during every Beserk. This drastically lowers your DPS output, and just like Pulverize, is susceptible to excessive CC, and it's just as present as ever in large fights. Unfortunately you lost your Wind domain, and you don't have the immunity of Conqueror, so you're kind of at the whim of the zerg ability spam.

The Beserk damage bonus mechanic changes are unfortunately very bad here. Whether you're in small scale or large scale, the last place you want to be after your Beserk expires is in the middle of the enemy team. You want to smash and dash; hit and run. With Titan, the mechanics all line up to encourage and reward this behavior. Battlerager demands that you stay in the fight at all times, and punishes you for leaving. If you're stacked up with healers you can actually make it work, but the groups will be asking the same old questions: "Why would I want you in my party?"

In some respects, your tankyness is very noticeable. Farming war tribes for money is much easier as a BR, for instance. But in actual teamfights, your presence is largely ignorable. You don't do damage. You don't do CC. You don't support your allies. You spend half the fight spamming low damage abilities that ensure your survival, and even when you don't, your usefulness is nil. "Hey look, it's a battlerager, quick, focus him!" --said nobody ever


There's a clear trend with Conqueror and Battlerager, and it's simply that they do not stack up to Titan. Sure, Conqueror can win some fights, but it doesn't win them any faster or more safely than Titan. Sure, Battlerager is tanky, but his tankyness is wasted on spamming two required talent abilities that deal low damage and lock you out of performing any other action.

All 3 specs have the same problem though: Why would anyone want these in their siege group? Their damage is melee. Their damage output low to mid tier, their CC is all single target and locked behind combo'd slow animations, their utility provided is minimal to non existent, and they lack the most important thing to winning any fight: AoE, AoE, AoE. They do not have AoE damage, they do not have AoE healing, and they do not have AoE CC. And because of this, they will never be relevant enough to warrant a group slot.

Titan is fun to screw around with. Myrmidon is hell to play.

Edited by Delfofthebla
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