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A Humble Knights opinion....


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Greetings Crows,

I am Erethion, Knight Secutor. I bring pen and parchment to the creators in hopes of some alterations to our humble class. The knight is based upon Honor, Duty and Allegiance to their banner lord(s). I feel these changes could strengthen our resolve and recruit new shield bearers to the cause.


Offensive Abilities:

I feel the knight has to many combo abilities which is a hinderance against higher crowd control classes.

Onslaught needs to have the second combo be the stun/bleed and the final hit could just deal increased damage.

Retribution Strike is not utilized enough as 50 thorns is just too small when thorns may only stack to 75. Maybe change the thorns bonus to retribution bonus of 10-15%.


Defensive Abilities:

Block should be a separate key-bind and ability slot from your movement ability. Only (2) classes in the game realistically block (Knight & Templar) and it is normally passed up on the Knight for the mobility. Archery is an option but the global cooldown while swapping bars to use the mobility is a major hinderance in the heat of battle.

The Knight Block buff should last longer as the class should be based around it. 5 seconds of damage buff from the point you acquired it is too low for the “Windup” required to output damage. Perhaps double/triple the duration of the buff and add a PDM buff to it as well (5-10% at max stacks) to incentivize more utilization of the block mechanic.

We need to cut out the combo for noble blood and roll it into the base barrier depending on the promotion taken.


Utility Abilities:

Pursuit is on to long of a cooldown for Sentinel and Secutor. They do not need to be as low as Swordsman, but it is knight and day (:P) between the two cooldowns for a class with such low mobility.

Shield Slam has too short of a range. It should have increased range and/or just act as a lock on jump like other classes have if the worry is too much mobility.


General Talents:

All classes should have a stat cluster in the middle that is a mix between defensive and offensive, so players aren’t forced to run the outer rings for most builds.


We know the mighty creators are working tirelessly to keep our world from crumbling beneath our feet. I wanted to give many thanks to you all and my fellow Crows. This humble shield bearer cannot wait to see what our futures hold. Until Next time…. ~Erethion, Knight Secutor.









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Try a CON blackguard and take [blink step] and [disengage]. You have ridiculous barrier reapplication cc immunity and mobility. Barrier on knights are pretty bad and yet one of the better builds on a secutor is that unstable mage build that stacks barriers. Imagine a blackguard getting access to unstable mage.

Grass is greener aside, here's what I think. Even with your suggestions "what is a knight?" still remains un answered. Being a "jack of all trade" doesn't cut it. There are 11 classes 33 promotions to "specialize" and the knight has no identity other than "worse version of other classes that do the same thing". The only defining feature it has is 30% cd reduction for long cd skills and was basically tailor made to bring disc abilities closer to 100% uptime. That is the ONLY thing I'm aware of that only a knight can do.

Here is a list of things the game already has that knights can draw identity from
- thorns (or any retaliation style skill that activates when hit)
- mounted combat (we have skills that can be used while mounted but dismounts us)
- HP regen (in and out of combat regen)

Things like [thornshield] and [retribution strike] stack. It can work. We have skills that activate when hit like cleric [sun burn] or confessor [scalding]. Mounted combat doesn't have to be just "combat while mounted". You could have an in combat mount skill (puts you up on a mount) making your next damage skill used while mounted do WAY more damage. We have things like path finder or trailblazer. Have the mounted skill do WAY more damage if you have those buffs. Boom cavalry style combat created. HP regen is just under used. Song twisting [hymn of restoration] is pretty decent sustain for PvE, nobody really uses it because PvE isn't that significant and heals just do it way better. This CAN be knight sustain that works WITH blocking instead of copying healing.

Edited by Wanini
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