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Fixing the problem with sieges


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People get mad when they are evicted people get mad when there is no hope of winning these are my thoughts to address some of these issues.


  1. Reduce keep ownership to 1 per alliance, adjust points given
  2. Increase points lost to pillaging
  3. Increase points given from winning forts, shorten cool-down between fort fights shorten timer of activity to 30 minutes, then move building resources out of forts and add new loot to forts
  4. Make new resource providers for building up keeps on shorter timers/less resources provided per timer or dramatically increase building resources provided from pigs
  5. Reduced cost for repairing destroyed buildings
  6. Claiming a new keep abandons previously owned



Make the siege game more about pillaging instead of eviction this gives smaller alliances place to call home and other smaller alliances targets for sieges while the big boys still fight for points.  So instead of big guild targeting small ones they will be more inclined to fight one another to knock the leaders off the hill while the smaller alliances are fighting to catch up with each other. Having shorter timers on forts provides more content


Having the bulk of the points come from forts and the increased penalty for being pillaged you would see a more even spread of points across the top end of the game.  it would put more pressure on the guys in the lead while protecting the fun of people at the bottom and giving them a meaningful way of catching up.

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