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The Razing of the Keep of Chieftain Garouk Bearpaw


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Swift Princess, the purple unicorn Thimble rode on, snorted as she ran. The warriors of Corvus Citadel had been traveling through portal after portal, creating a series of distractions to sow confusion among their enemy. Winterblades and their groupies had started this war by preventing Corvus Citadel from taking a keep at the beginning of Spring long enough for Seeds of War, a hodge podge alliance of misfits, to claim it with a small group. As a result, Corvus Citadel had been forced to take a neighboring keep from one of the no-name guilds in the Seeds of War alliance a few days later. When Winterblades and their following continued to escalate matters, Corvus Citadel had been forced to begin coordinating with Death Alliance more closely, which led to several weeks of embarrassing losses for their enemies, despite superior numbers.

Now their distraction tactics had ended, and the warriors of Corvus Citadel were racing toward their objective: the Keep of Chieftain Garouk Bearpaw. The very keep that had been taken from them only a few days prior. The goal was not to take the keep back, but to destroy the Tree of Life, effectively razing it to the ground. Winterblades and their subjects would pay for their hypocritical offenses.

With the keep coming into sight, three trebuchets immediately spawned close to the west wall as the Wardens of the Citadel began barking orders. Just as a section of the wall crumbled into dust, a report came in that Winterblades and their lackeys had coordinated with Acolytes to attack a keep held by Death Alliance, causing them to head to that keep to defend it. If they were caught, Corvus Citadel would be on their own for the time being, against the vast army of their enemy.

With no time to waste, battle cries erupted and the Vanguard of the Citadel poured into the Keep of Chieftain Garouk Bearpaw through the breach in the wall. The wards were quickly destroyed, and they descended upon the Tree of Life, but not quickly enough; the entire force of the Winterblades alliance streamed into the keep, a veritable sea of enemy soldiers flowing in. The horde was upon them.

Though the warriors of Corvus Citadel fought valiantly against an enemy impossible to defeat, they were forced to give ground, taking refuge in the watch tower, just off the courtyard. Rallying cries from across the courtyard could be heard from familiar voices; somehow, a small group of Death Alliance had continued on, ready to assist the Citadel when the others had changed course. The heroes pushed out from the watch tower into the horde of the enemy, but alas it was a failed attempt and they and their allies were mercilessly separated from their vessels.

But, as those of Corvus Citadel know, it isn’t over until it’s over. The small army was able to use the nearby shrine to ask the gods to renew their vessels and begin the assault anew. Unperturbed by the vast numbers of their opponents, they knew that their only chance was to rush through the breach and to the Tree of Life in the center of the keep while Winterblades and their pets were busy trying to destroy the Bane Trees that had spawned outside. When the Vanguard of the Citadel leaped over the rubble at the breach, one of the Wardens called out that the enemy had taken a defensive position around the Tree of Life. Duffy, the commander for the operation, was unfazed, and he gave the order to push the defenders away from the objective so that it could be destroyed. The fight was fierce and bloody, both attackers and defenders falling left and right. Until, suddenly, a creaking could be heard, and with a tremendous roar the Tree fell, taking several of the defenders with it.

Corvus Citadel had done what had long seemed impossible. They had razed to the ground a keep belonging to the alliance that had crushed so many other alliances into submission. By driving the crow spirits of their enemies away, Winterblades and their devotees had severely weakened the tether that connected the Gods to the worlds being devoured by the Hunger. Soon Thimble and the other crows of Corvus Citadel would travel to a new world, not driven away by the horde that had driven away so many others, but as victors, having defeated that very same horde through cunning, tactics, and tenacity.


Corvus Citadel is recruiting!


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It is with heavy heart to see so many heroes go, but this Knight is humbled to have fought with and against such brave and honorable Crows. We do not know what the future holds but I would like to believe one day, I may see your vessel crest a sunlit hill, Either as ally or foe in this eternal battleground. I will continue my watch over these lands and bestow my best wishes upon you, Until next time.... Erethion ~ Knight Secutor

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