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-The ability for runecrafters to make something like 'Stone of soulbounding,' a tradable item which can be used on crafter gear (much like enchants) that give it "No Drop" & "No Trade" so people can carry more than 1 gear set around without risk if they choose to invest the resources. 

-Mobile Spawn Units, like in Planetside 2 the "sunderer" can be spawned in friendly territory, driven into enemy territory, set up, and now you have a spawn location to feed the war effort of a battle you have positioned yourself to be in. This I believe would help with the flow of battles, encouraging more group play to move as 1 unit and dive into enemy territory as much as possible. these Mobile spawns can be destroyed by the enemy so it would be wise to defend them. (please give them much more HP than trees do in this game.)

-Give trees in siege more HP, much-much more. Same to all existing siege equipment. and walls, and everything that has to do with siege. Currently it feels like sieges are 15 minutes of a rally call, then 5 minutes of tree spam. that is not 1 hour or engaging whatsoever, it is more like chore that must be done in the current state. 

-with the above ^ suggestion, with everything being HP buffed, lets go ahead and think about battering rams? have a siege equipment that you must say, escort from a point to the keep, bring to a gate, and defend while some people man it, to tear down a gate, which is going to be much faster that destroying walls with my suggestions. it is a risk reward thing. as with my above suggestions, it should probably take at least 30 minutes to break into a keep without a ram, and with a ram 15 minutes (at least) so there are actual time investments in the siege. again, right now it feels like a game of rally the numbers, not push-and-pull as it should be...

-Make forts 24/7, worth defending/attacking, have them require siege equipment and even rams if they choose to spend resources constructing and escorting it. and honestly, Just like keep battles were in Warhammer: Age of reckoning. The game still exists as Warhammer: return of reckoning, as a private server, a quick google can get you results if you have not already played the game and want a good example. If anything, I doubt that game died due to their keep warfare mechanics. It may be worth looking into to get some ideas on how to rebalance forts and keeps if this is your intention as I hear rumored. 

-If PDM is too much to tackle in this game as well, maybe look into how their Guard mechanic works in WAR, this is essentially assigning 1 tank to 1dps or healer, and that blocks half the damage of the person they are "guarding" I think changes it the PDM are a step in the right direction, but if you wanted to go further, making Tanks more specialized in defending their group mates may be another option. These "tank" specs suffer greatly in damage when specializing to the fullest potential for the greater good of the group/raid/guild/faction. making them less of overpowered tanky and DPS class. 


Just some thoughts I have recently had. This game looks like it has so much potential, and lately the big PVP content seems so distant from me. It feels like the servers are dwindling down and the only time I get actual action is when I get ganked by some tanky stealthy healy class, basically it can do everything, solo, to which they run away as soon as we organize. or 15 minutes once or twice a week during sieges... Please, I only hope the best for this game, it seems like it has done a lot of things others have not. but, also, it doesn't hurt to look at what has been successful for others in the past. I want to see this game take off and have healthy action as much as possible. 

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Give compensation to all the players who suffered night after night crashes, submitted the reports, actively tried to make the game better


Problem now is everyone out here is commiting to new world and ace isnt trying to keep us here

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Yea i just got issued a warning by ace for non constructive feedback in a post, when all i said boiled down to "crowfall is all farming and no action." 

These people really should issue refunds to backers. I dont want to be here anymore. I just want my money back for supporting this ek parcel sale mmo. Bunch of incompetent sellouts. The game is all farm labor and no action. That is my constructive feedback. Jerk store.

12 minutes ago, Represent said:

ace isnt trying to keep us here


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