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We need a Favorite option for Trade EKs


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As I find myself roaming different trade EK's looking for specific items, I come across some fairly good EK's that have lots of options and vendors. Maybe im blind, but I do not see any option to mark an EK as a favorite. Right now I am looking for an EK I recently visited but there is no option to see recently visited EK's either. I wanted to go purchase an item I saw but cant remember at which one I was. Please add the option to look at recently visited EK's and also give an option where we can favorite the ones we like going to! This is a QOL improvement that really must be implemented. If everyone agrees, please promote this so the folks at ACE can get this done. 

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In an older version of the lobby UI, we had the ability to favorite EKs. They have a really bad habit of doing things like that, re-designing something and leaving out something important. I can't tell you how many times we had practice dummies and then lost them in a re-design, only to have to ask them to add them back again.

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