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ArtCraft's 2nd game


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17 hours ago, BelmontHalo said:

a mobile game focused on guineceans with lots of microtransactions



They could add it to crowfall right now 6v6 moba and do better than it is now actually 

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The fact that they are working on another game, instead of using those resources on Crowfall, is even more insulting when you consider they could be "fixing" Hungerdome. I'm pretty confident I'll just never get a chance to try that out, because the game will cease development before they back to it...

After giving New World a shot, it really does feel like Artcraft soft launched the game so they could just be done with it, knowing they can't compete with AAA companies in the MMO market.

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On 10/5/2021 at 8:26 AM, ShuaiGe said:

There is no third game they could create that I will play. If their second game meets the same fate of Shadowbane then they do not deserve a third shot. If their focus is not on making Crowfall as good as it can be, they will have lost me as a customer.


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Warhammer 40k. They could make it quick. Reskinning crowfall and release with human only with 8 classes. Once it launch. Ask players what should be the next race.

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