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7.200.0 Live Server Update Notes for 10/7/2021

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If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback

Revamped New Player Experience

When creating a new character, players are given the option to create a Custom Character or create a pre-built Archetype that begins at level 25.


Designed for players that want to get into the action, at character creation players will be able to select the option to create a character as normal or create a new level 25 character from one of six race/class selections.  These options remove the choices that would have been made from leveling including talents, Promotions, and stat point allocations in order to send them to PvP in Skypoint!  When creating an archetype character, you can modify the character’s body type and visual customizations.

The available Archetype Characters are:

  • Stoneborn Knight
  • Nethari Confessor
  • Fae Assassin
  • Half-Giant Champion
  • Human Cleric
  • Elken Templar

Custom Characters

The option to create a level 1 character to build is still available, but the experience has been updated.  The previous NPE for custom characters has been substantially updated to improve a new player’s ability to get into Skypoint and beyond:

  • Item and XP rewards for several quests have been adjusted
  • Many non-essential quests have become Side Quests to reduce the amount of time required to progress through the Main Questline
  • Side Quests are now tracked separately from the Main Questline
  • The “Low Sec” zones: Arborium, Lunarium, and Solarium have been removed.  The quests associated with them will be moving to the Skypoint zone

Alliances and Alliance Scoring

  • Alliances now can contain up to 15 guilds
  • The Alliance Leading guild now receives the accumulated Conquest points for its sub guilds
  • This is reflected in the Leaderboard and the final Conquest ranking and rewards.
  • The Alliances menu can now expand to show these additional guilds


  • Updated server stability and performance


  • Adjusted the Wilderness Culling card to state unique player kills
  • Doubled the mitigation value for Keep and Castle Walls
  • Fixed an issue where a chest was sometimes duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where some zones were not spawning Thralls
  • Fixed an issue with the sorting of Alliance members
  • Imported disciplines should no longer be able to be sold
  • Improved siege schedule to only reset position when switching campaigns
  • Increased World bank size from 100 to 125
  • Keep Interiors will now apply a damage over time effect when infiltrated by enemies outside of a siege window
  • Large keep gatehouse ladders should no longer place the player inside of the wall when interacting with it
  • Nameplate visibility for siege buildings and walls have changed:
    • For castle and keeps walls, it’s always visible for attackers in siege engines
    • For fort walls, they become visible when damaged for attacks
    • For stronghold buildings, they become visible for attackers in siege engines once damaged
    • When outside a siege engine, visibility for these objects when damaged depends on the new settings in UI > Nameplate
  • Outpost flags have been removed from the Hotzone parcels. Flames and siege indicators will be present just like the other Hotzones
  • Rebalanced conquest points. Keeps now generate more conquest points
  • The Dregs campaign now has 4 adventure zones and 4 siege zones split between the 4 major regions
    • Adventure zones now have 5 respawn statues instead of 6 
    • Adventure zones now have 3 refineries instead of 1 
    • Adventure zones now have 2 outpost banks instead of 1
    • Siege zones have 2 keeps and 3 forts 
    • The number of graveyards across both siege and adventure zones has been increased
  • The interaction prompts for Rune gates will now show the region name for the target zone, e.g. "NA East" or "AUS"
  • The Well of Eternity is now appearing in Small Keeps
  • The "Enemy Sanctuary - Keep Out!" effect has been updated to provide a more insistent and serious warning to intruders before inflicting their demise. When entering a protected enemy area, you will now begin taking damage once every two seconds. If you remain in the area for longer than 10 seconds without leaving, your character is finally killed
  • Updated "Pride of the All Father" Victory Card description to indicate it awards points to participating factions who kill the most enemy guards during active castle, keep or fort siege window per member
  • Vendors in campaigns that run out of gold in their coffer will now be mailed to their owner's spirit bank instead of deleted


  • All NPC harvesting nodes should appear on the body and be hittable
  • Cloth optional ingredients in the Bandage recipe are now visible without a First Aid Manual. They have a lock icon with a tooltip that states how to unlock the slot
  • Empowered Harvest Passives from Toolkits now grant 25% Buff Power instead of 24%
  • Fixed an issue that caused the cap for Tool Decay erroneously to display as 100 in the character sheet instead of 50
  • Fixed typo on the Vendor Tax tooltip.Fixed an issue where the crafting screen could become unusable if a character loses connection to the zone in the middle of crafting
  • Great Weapon Components recipe/ingredient names all follow the same name convention now
  • Rare + Crafting and Harvesting belts can no longer be sold to Vendors
  • Tooltips are no longer missing for 'Specialty Toolkits' in the Miscellaneous category of the Character Traits UI tab
  • Trillion Sapphire Necklace affects Logging Stats
  • Upgrade Discipline recipes now indicate if a component is already Soulbound the resultant Discipline will be Soulbound

Eternal Kingdom

  • Added better socket validation when loading an EK. Some EKs with broken socketing connections may have some deeds ejected and mailed back to their owner's spirit bank
  • Adjusted the token size of the Obsidian Malekai Statue to be Medium instead of Large
  • Blessing of Knowledge's name has been changed to Valkyn Relic to match the other passive EK relic buff names
  • EK Relic buffs that are passive will only appear in the Spellbook under the Passive section. (reducing the combatHud buff clutter for EK's)
  • Fixed an issue where faction banners on parcels in EKs did not update when the parcel owner changed their guild. The banners will now update when the parcel owner enters the EK
  • Fixed an issue where moving or rotating parcels in an EK would sometimes cause the collision on the deeds on the parcel to stop working
  • Fixed an issue where sockets built-in to the mountain citadel and caldera parcels would sometimes be in the wrong place after moving the parcel
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect key labels were showing in the building placement UI
  • In EKs, guild member chests are now always accessible to the chest owner even if they leave their guild
  • Lowered the interact distance on the Twitch Dragon Statue from 40 to 5
  • Removed all non-harvestable trees/rocks from EKs
  • Removed several decorative chests from Castles
  • Set EK relic and god statues to token size XS
  • Set the Dragon Relic buff pedestal to be interactable with PvP turned on
  • Set the EK Houses to be able to switch between Thatch Roofed ones and normal roofed ones
  • “Time remaining” will now show an approximate time remaining for the EK while the EK is active. If there are players in the kingdom, it will always show the maximum time remaining for that EK (15 min for non-VIP, 30 min for VIP private EKs, 3 hours for VIP public EKs)


  • A better explanation is now provided when attempting to bind left/right mouse buttons to movement controls. Left and right mouse buttons can also no longer be assigned to auto-run, which had the same conflict as other movement controls
  • Added an Abandon quest button
  • Added an indicator to the Alliance HUD element for when Alliances grow beyond 5 guilds
  • Added localization to some Fly text
  • Added power button highlight when aiming a power
  • Evasion Fly text at distance will be smaller
  • Fixed an issue where default input preferences were assigning the same key binding to two different actions (opening the scoreboard and changing chat combat log filters)
  • Fixed holding enter or / when input controls change causing powers to not respond to input until chat is activated
  • Fixed missing reticle range text
  • Fixed skip intro key not always skipping the intro cinematic when possible
  • Fixed the default subcrest crest from appearing in the guild tab for the social window
  • Pressing/activates chat and prefills it with "/" instead of preventing power input until chat is used
  • Players can now preview how to select stats that will be affected when attribute points are allocated. Simply mouse over the "+" symbol next to an attribute when you have unspent points remaining.
  • Pressing the ESC key no longer submits the dialog used for searching for a player by name (Add Friend, Block, etc). It now correctly cancels the dialog instead.
  • When the player is in crow form after dying, the recall ability will now use the secondary interact key ('G' by default)
  • You no longer have to click on the input field on the dialog used for searching for a player by name (add friend, block, etc)  before entering text. That field is now active by default.


  • Added a new option to keep the chat input active after sending.



  • Assassin Envenom will now properly apply the Deadly poison buff if you have the Garrote or Poisoned Blade powers and have a toxin equipped
  • Assassin Sap Strike when used with Poison Mastery will now properly remove Barriers and will add Exhaustion to enemies using Block
  • Backstab will now activate the Bloodthirsty buff when you have the Cutthroat Talent and the target is Exposed and you hit them from the front
  • Spirit Dart now uses the correct terminology to refer to the "Slowing toxin" it applies
  • Vandal promotion now properly increases the damage of Backstab


  • The Mounted VFX for centaurs is now more noticeable


  • Corrected a typo in the Champion trait display in the character sheet


  • Fixed blinded VFX on Flash of Light
  • Updated Strength in Numbers description to indicate that damage is converted directly to healing and is unaffected by Support Power
  • Updated the sound for the Cleric basic attack


  • Added text to the Rapid Fire description saying that it requires Dual Pistols
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Rapid Fire to occasionally drop a tick
  • Keen Guard now indicates it has a duration between 6 and 18 seconds scaling with pips spent
  • Snipe description now notes it increases Damage Bonus Cap


  • Reworded Ice Devourer tooltip for clarity
  • Fixed Frostweaver Ice caller Ice Formation Chance stat buff display
  • Frostweaver passive Cold Stare will now give credit for Ice in your current stores when you purchase the talent


  • Updated the Raging Bull VFX
  • Added Hit FX for Restoration strike


  • Nethari Call Flames now indicates it increases your Damage Bonus: Fire by 10%


  • Cross Swipe now indicates it hits up to 3 targets


  • Corrected several power tooltips to indicate they hit targets under your reticle
  • Decreased all combat Penetration stat caps to 20%. (this should help mitigation not get stripped away by stats alone)
  • Improved input feel for Harvesting and Energetic Harvesting powers
  • Survivalist Campfires no longer cause damage
  • Talent power modification descriptions are now available! After purchasing a talent upgrade that modifies a power you can now hold CTRL while viewing the description to see additional information about how the talent has modified that power
  • Updated the impact effects for several basic powers
  • Powers that grant the armor statistic as a buff have been updated! Their buff amount matches the same % of mitigation as they used to provide (even though the value in the power may seem lower), just using the new increased armor to mitigation coefficient, otherwise they would have been too powerful with the new increased coefficient. (i.e. Frost Armor used to require 3500 armor to grant 35% mitigation, now 2900 armor provides 35% mitigation).


Arkon's Disciple

  • Fiery Brand power description now indicates the value of its Elemental Break effect

Blood Pact

  • The functionality of Blood Pact has changed. It now exchanges 1000 Health for 200 Mana, 150 Energy or Essence, 20 Fury or Rage, or 4 Power Pips

Dirge of Dissonance

  • The power description for Dirge Of Dissonance now indicates it causes damage twice every 6 seconds while toggled on
  • The Song Duration stat no longer reduces the effectiveness of Dirge of Dissonance


  • Adjusted hit FX
  • The power description text on Sturdy passive is now clearer


  • Added additional item icons
  • Added unique Location Names for the various War Tribes and Stoneborn Ruins
  • Ancient Sunfire Skull has been renamed to Decayed Sunfire Skull
  • Bug Finder badge Mounted Movement Speed increase now works
  • Catapults and Trebuchets now have the same nameplate view distance
  • Dropping inventory items on "locked" (not yet accepted) trade area will no longer prompt to delete the item
  • Fixed a bug where a player's inventory could enter the overflow state after trying to equip multiples of the same unique item
  • Fixed an issue where after a player received a name change their buddy code didn't work properly. You're now able to use your new name buddy code
  • Fixed an issue where caravans would sometimes get stuck in canyons
  • Fixed an issue where elementals may not double their loot in a hot zone
  • Fixed various world issues with assets clipping
  • Increased experience granted for NPCs level 30 and above
  • In order to avoid players abusing the spamming of ladders to avoid damage, they will experience a three-second cooldown of ladder usage when they go either up or down a ladder
  • Right-click moving multiple sub-stacks of the same item to a chest should now stack
  • The Bow Cast Speed stat will now show in seconds how much it reduces the charge time of bow attacks
  • When mounted, the camera now rises to the player's head instead of staying at the mount's tail


  • Added and updated several rewards for quests
  • Fixed the nameplate on the Bloodied Axe NPC in the NPE
  • For new players creating their first character, we now check the available GRs and select the optimal server choice based on population and ping data. We then load the player into the GR after they finalize their character selection, instead of placing them back into the lobby.
  • Increased the number of graveyards found in Gods Reach
  • Players should no longer be able to summon an unlimited amount of Pack Pigs from the Gods Reach Pack Pig pedestals
  • Updated the Quest Tracker and the Compass Quest Marker to have visuals for side quests
  • Updated the VO for several quests


  • Added a sound for chests despawning
  • CTRL + Right-clicking on an unsellable item now plays a negative feedback SFX
  • Fixing missing ambient sounds for Mysterious Summoner NPC in Sun Temple zone of God's Reach
  • Fixing missing sound for some of the NPC Bloodseeker Tallulah's attacks
  • Fixing missing sound for Hellcat Slasher Fire Spit power
  • Knight retaliate power now has sound once again
  • Ranger Barrage SFX are now better in sync with visuals
  • Right-clicking an item from a trade window back to inventory now plays a negative feedback SFX
  • Shout and burp emotes now have sound
  • Siege Weapon War Horn power now sounds like horns
  • Sun Elf mobs should no longer play two sounds on death
  • Updated unarmed SFX for some races


  • Fixed Boss Gryphon Devour Blackmantle to have the correct 30-second duration
  • Maeve's Dirge buff tooltip now properly reports its damage
  • Removed an inappropriate bleed visual FX from the NPC Hurlbat ability
  • The Gryphon Shredded effect now properly reports its stat debuff value

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Changed note:  

Powers that grant the armor statistic as a buff have been updated! Their buff amount matches the same % of mitigation as they used to provide (even though the value in the power may seem lower), just using the new increased armor to mitigation coefficient, otherwise they would have been too powerful with the new increased coefficient. (i.e. Frost Armor used to require 3500 armor to grant 35% mitigation, now 2900 armor provides 35% mitigation).

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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