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rewarded for mob killing


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when a game allows player too to be attacked by 4 to 6 players at a time it is not a game it is bulling and grieving how is a single person supposed to have a little fun in a game when all he can do is die can not gather, harvest or even craft anything do to players mob killing one single player for there gold and other stuff needed i do not mind if it is a one verses one scenario but 4 to 6 against 1 new player and now that the game has completely switched to pvp and guilds. No new players are going to be playing unless a member of a guild can armor and weaponize a player. This means if you have a job or life at all and can not be on when guild members are you are screwed i know dregs and shadow areas might help with this, but putting Scotts tape one a knife wound never helps. The only thing that will fix this problem is pve zones the are level to mats given with no pvp and i bet there will be lots of new players joining cause at lot for gamers do not like pvp and prefer to craft and harvest items. this game will always have low numbers cause people do not want to play a game when you waste a hour mining, quarrying, skinning ect., and players just come along and kill you and you lose everything. This will make players quit ,rage, ect., Other Words if you do not get new players to play then old ones get bored and leave. Any ongoing game know this.

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