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The road to 7.200.0

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Hey Crows!

Today is Campaign Day with Gatinyja (Dregs) scheduled to come online! While many of you are preparing for the competition ahead, we'd like to add a bit of transparency as to the delay of 7.200 that happened this week.

When we created the 7.100 campaigns over a month ago, the 7.200 update was internally scheduled to go Live on Monday (October 4th.)  Unfortunately, due to a number of technical hurdles, new NPE development, and wicked bugs, the Release didn't reach the Live Servers until yesterday (October 8th) which delayed us from creating new campaigns for a few days.  This clearly isn't a situation we wanted to be in and we are sorry we missed our deadline. Looking forward, we have plans for scalable duration campaigns in the future to make a shorter campaign viable, though we cannot commit to a timeframe on that at this time. 

We are committed to improving Crowfall and bringing you updates as quickly as possible--at quality. We appreciate your continued support.

Now come on in, and join us in Dregs!

Photo submitted by: Dorizzdt!

Photo submitted by @Dorizzdt

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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I'm the good looking pumpkin on the right :D

You can linger in a forum of a game you dislike and be toxic, or you can just move on play something different. If you can't move on then its probably time for you to seek some mental respite. 

I choose to play Crowfall - problems and all - because its a fun game. Why do you hate fun?

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Thank you for the hard work, I know everyone bitches a lot even me, but I appreciate the work put into making a game "I LIKE" yes the contrarian opinion!  Better than it is ATM



Keep striving thru the negativity and let's get where we wanna be gameplay wise!

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