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Defenders of Order (Originally established 1999)


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Members of the Defenders shall maintain the following codes:

1. Civility. You shall carry yourself with dignity and not resort to trash talking or great amounts of coarse language in public. Without dignity, we have no honor.

2. Family. You shall defend fellow members of the Defenders with your life. If you see a fellow member in combat, you join them and help destroy their enemy without question. Without strength in family, we have no hope.

3. Honesty. When speaking to the family, you shall never lie or bend the truth. We must be honest and open with each other when speaking in our sanctuary. Publically you shall not lie either, but you may refuse to discuss certain subjects. If we cannot be true to one and another in private, we shall have no ability to stand as one in this world.

4. Righteousness. Do Good. Be kind. In your own way as circumstance allows. Help people who are down on their luck, help your bretheren grow stronger, fight the denizens of Darkness. Each of us, in our own way, must create a positive impact upon our world no matter how small. If we create no impact, we may as well not exist.

These are the codes we shall follow. They are not great in number, but they are elegant in their simplicity.

- Penned by Grimwell of Darktide in October of the year 2000.

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