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Constructive Feedback - what about the old player experience


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With 7.2 comes changes to the NPE....why?

The new player experience just showcases the middle and end game experiences....The majority of people who bought the game quit after experiencing the middle and end gameplay experiences.

Why on earth are you wasting development time and resources on a new player experience when you lost so many players who made it past the NPE and were wholly unsatisfied with the core design of the game?

New players are not what you should be focusing on. You should be using your time and efforts to bring back the majority of customers who already bought the game but refuse to play because the core gameplay design is a boring, unfair slog of grindwork that rarely involves skilled, thrilling action.

Look at all the reviews of this game and believe them.

Stop wasting time on the npe and change the blasted game! Or give me a refund because this random scattered capture, non-territory based, score board watching, zone parking filler grindfest where stats cant be beat by skill or talent and strategy ultimately boils down to nameplate blob zergs of short windowed battleground instances owned by uncle bob is not the pvp throne war originally advertised when I backed it. 🎯🏌️🙄

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I will say the uncle bob mentality is kind of dead this dregs and i hope it becomes a mute point, are there people banded up again sure but this version of uncle bob compared to the first 3 dregs is kiddie play-


I agree NPE resources are meh, but i do believe archetype prebuilds are good for people i wont complain about that, even tho it wont be used much.


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Its a slap in the face that theyve spent months remaking the npe to trick free trial players into buying the game before realizing its fatal flaws.

And they dont seem to care about 90% of us customers who bought/backed the game and dont log in to play anymore because they sucked the fun out of it to cater to the large boomer guilds with 20 year rivalries from other video games who would rather play a second job feudal serf grind to win and park more players during siege window to win than just a fun thrilling action throne war.

Instead of just making some simple tweaks to make the game more about pvp conquest and thrills and fun ...they just double down on their long dreary slog to grind and craft and wait for siege windows then stare at the scoreboard with very little consistent or fair pvp action going on.

Most player feedback since launch has been 'we enjoy the small, medium, large scale pvp but we cannot find enough of it because its too much work and not enough play.' 

The npe wont keep players long term. The lineage2 style grind wont keep players long term.

FUN is what keeps players long term!!!

Stop trying to trick new players into buying so they can then quit after 2 weeks. Stop catering to these guilds with 20 year rivalries and start catering to your 90% of paid up customers WHO STOPPED LOGGING IN.

The irony of it all is that their own forum filter autocorrects curse words like poop into the phrase -----


Like they are aware their own design is poorly made and they just laugh at us for caring.






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There's actually a ton of pvp in this dregs in small, med, and large sizes all over, I just don't think people wanna spoil it and tell everyone about it


I even got to see a GM live on the field, my first instinct was to attack him for old time sakes  "CrowfallTyrant" was pretty sweet to see some of the tools of the gods for the few seconds my brain registered it!


Now maybe if he started spawning level 40 raid heralds/bosses/daemons on all corners of big sieges and turned it into a live GM event with FC gear then holy poorly made dergs we got something cooking here lol just random fun stuff happening

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