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Design flaw in neckbreaker


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I tend to do a fair bit of 1v1 fighting as a Barbarian and I've noticed a huge problem with Neckbreaker. All you need to do to avoid the damage and CC from Neckbreaker is back pedal. The enemy can be snared by hurlbat and still avoid the damage and CC simply by backpedalling. Even if I am face to face with the enemy pressing W into them and they are snared all they have to do to avoid all effects of neckbreaker is backpedal.

That means no CC and no heals.

The spell effect for neckbreaker is over top of them but there is no effect. Could it be latency? 

This is particularly problematic fighting Fanatics.. All they have to do is literally backpedal and unleash hell and there is no threat..  \

I suggest either a cast time reduction to make the effect more instant or to increase the snare value on hurlbat.. i do not think increasing the range of the aoe from neckbreaker is balanced but i wouldnt cry if that was an option as well.


For sure something has to change. The counter play for neckbreaker in 1v1 is ZERO skill.

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Does to much damage to be rewarded with near instant activation. Game is supposed to be balanced around large scale keep fighting, at least that's how I would interpret how they balance everything, so the 1v1 what ifs will never be balanced 

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