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I suggest everyone GET VIP


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"You can still log in and go do stuff if you own the game, but they can't even get the scoreboard to work in shadows or dregs for 4 straight campaigns i am done being naïve about the situation, I'm dead serious 4 dregs with the alliance scoreboard still not understood or functioning like any normal who can do basic math, the shizzle FRYS MY BRAIN because I know I just did X activity that scores X on board, THAT NEVER HAPPENS UNLESS ITS A KILLING BLOW they got that one working right.


The Bank Space was nice and i am a hoarder but the more i play the more i realize that only a select few are worth holding inventory for, Discipline's, few mounts' Pack items from store, Rare one off VIP item. Everything else has no real matter and can be obtained day 1 dregs start


Guilds now are scoring for the main alliance yet rewards are locked to officers from top down from the main tag and no longer our guild work (This 100% will backfire at end of dregs) 


I haven't seen patch notes in 4 months with any actual fixes to the game, but I have seen updates with direct nerfs to everything 


I would of felt semi better with a Q&A hearing the devs saying hey guys we are directly working on X X X X for this time and will get it rolled out but it's only the 11th of the month and they cut communications off with no timeframe to pick that back up either"






Edited for clarity


I am crazy and hit the sub button again because i am a dumbazz





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Hes not leaving the game, he is suggesting we make them own up to their promises until they pull their heads out of the sand.

The scoreboard system is garbage. Its not fun and its taken too seriously by the largest guilds with 20 year old rivalries. If the devs said forget these old farts that theyve listened to all these years and just made the game a:

PVP TERRITORY CONQUEST WAR SIMULATOR OF FUN rather than a scoreboard manipulator simulator that people take too seriously and is mostly work with no play.....

People would enjoy the game and support it. But no, cant have fun. Must take the scoreboard seriously so as to not upset the large old rivalry guilds. Who cares if the majority of the playerbase quit......lets just keep catering to the poorly made dergsty design favored by the large old boomer guilds and forget about providing fun for everyone else.

People who bought it wont return until they change the game so that its fun and say forget the old fart feudal serf guilds, their way clearly is not what works. The steam launch needs bigger changes than just free to grind.



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  • Represent changed the title to I suggest everyone GET VIP
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I bought a year VIP and I am playing a different game right now.  I have no regrets.  I will buy another year VIP if things are improved by then. *glairs at the crafting system*

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