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Come on AC where the hell is shadows?


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it seems like it is time to fiddle our thumbs or decorate EKs? :D

Just joking. But yeah, the should add shadows soon for the smaller toons to have a decent playground.

But even with half decent equip you can do stuff in dregs, like the cards .... or well at least the glory cards plays in your favor.

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2 hours ago, Rystlwulf said:

Sky Point is unplayable now and a large part of your player base is either not kitted out for DRegs or not guilded.

What the hell are we supposed to do?

The siege maps (outer maps in Dregs) have rank 6+ harvesting, so should be doable by anyone who has harvested in Sky Point to some degree.

Getting wartribes gear from mobs should be doable as well if you want to just try out the maps without importing too much, you don't even need to import armour, I would recommend at least importing a set of weapons and mount, and obviously your slotted disciplines. This way you can get used to what you should use your import tokens on.

Regarding guilding up, yeah that is more of a tricky thing, you don't really want to be solo in Dregs unless you know what you are doing, and play stealth/escape if you want to avoid dying a lot, but dying with wartribes gear isn't a big deal either. 

So one way to play Dregs solo, if you want, is to play stealth and try to farm the higher level resources that you can't get in Sky Point.

I'd highly recommend just joining an active guild in there if you aren't guilded already, you can choose one based on looking at the scoreboard for Dregs. If your guild is only a few people and want to try things out, try to reach out to the alliance leader guild in Discord, it should be pretty easy to find them by just search for their guild.

We are a small guild of a few people active right now, and we are under the Nothing Personal alliance, just a bunch of people doing this sort of stuff for the first time as well. We even have a Keep right now in Dregs, as some of the veterans and big guilds are taking a break from the game, so it is giving the smaller guys a bit of breathing room to experience more of the game.

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After all this time right now I stoped playing crowfall , I will not go into the dreghs campagne skypoint is a joke , and there is no shadow campagne , the only reason why I am still played crowfall , 6 years support and now the game mechanics , the gamestyle makes not much sense for me . A rest from the game or the end for me ?? I do not know and of course it is just my personal opinion . A fully disappointed Player ! 

                                                                                                                PRAISE THE SUN 


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I personally think CF doesn't have the population to concurrently run two campaigns at once. Dregs is already feeling a little empty.

Besides, Shadows needs to go back to the drawing board. Fix up the map to orient three-faction conflict, instead of giving us a copy-pasted Dregs map; fix faction balancing; fix the rewards... you get the idea.

If you're looking for a small active guild to join in Dregs for harvesting, then, well, GHOUL is recruiting. 😁

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