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7.300 Test Server Update Notes

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Update 7.300

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback


The focus of this update is on encouraging more smaller-scale PvP options in addition to our 100 vs 100 Keep sieges.  We have added zones that limit concurrent alliance members to 25 and 50 and made Forts valuable bases for smaller alliances.  We did a major chat system update and improved the map performance and added more map functionality.  We also did major streamlining to the new player experience and added a “fast pass” option for people who want the fastest route to PvP.   Armor is now more meaningful in combat.  Campaign rewards are more valuable.  Dozens of Eternal Kingdom and Crafting improvements.  There are several quality of life additions and of course many bug fixes.  Details below.


  • Added a legend to the zone map
  • Added a Map Pin for where players have died recently
  • Added a unique Map Pin to parcels where Boss and Raid Bosses can be found
  • Map Pins added for side Quests
  • Maps will now have a death maker where a player death has occurred in the last 5 minutes
  • Maps will now load much faster
  • Maps will now show where teammates are located
  • Markers on the zone map should now be better centered over larger points of interest


The in-game chat has been overhauled for ease of use and customizations. We're still working on additional chat features, more to come. 

  • Rather than having specific tabs for Chat, Chat now defaults to two tabs:  General and Combat Log
  • Different Channels have been created for Chat including Alliance, Guild, Zone, and more.  These can be turned on and off in the Chat Settings

Ingredient recipe navigation has arrived!

  • Click on an ingredient slot in a recipe and it will take you to that ingredients recipe. (i.e. clicking on the metal bar ingredient slot inside a crossguard recipe will navigate the recipe book to the metal bar recipe.) 
  • A set of navigation arrows in the upper left allows you to go backward and forwards to recipes you have navigated to. (So once you are done with the metal bar recipe you can back arrow to the crossguard recipe.)
  • Should you click on an ingredient unavailable at that crafting station, a tooltip will alert you to what type of station you need to be at. (i.e. attempting to craft a leather item at a blacksmithing station will inform you to go to the leatherworking station.)
  • Harvest Damage Bonus stats now show with a % sign in the character sheet.

Zone and Alliance Caps 

Zones now have concurrency caps for the max amount of members allowed at the same time from an Alliance or if not a member of an Alliance, a guild.

  • Amount of players allowed in a zone will show on the World Map

In general, there are 3 zone makeups we are using this milestone:

  • Sieges zones - 100 alliance member cap, rank 8 and 9 resources, 1 large keep and 2 small keeps, 0 mines.
  • Adventure zones - 50 alliance member cap, rank 5 through 8 resources, 1 small keep and 3 forts, 2 mines.
  • Wildland zones - 25 alliance member cap, rank 9 and 10 resources, 5 forts, 4 mines.
  • Please note: the zone alliance limits are set low for testing purposes

If you attempt to use a Runegate to a zone that's at the cap for your alliance, you'll be entered into a queue and receive a message that indicates there are too many members of your alliance in the zone. 


  • Several client and server performance fixes


  • A message will be displayed 15 minutes before the siege window for Forts, Keeps, and Hotzones
  • Added a level of participation requirement to receive campaign rewards
  • Added a Mine Parcel which generates Building Materials
  • Added five "variations" of Forts. This variation comes from the new buff pedestals that can be found in the interior of the Fort. One will spawn at rank 2, another at rank 5, then 7, and the last one is granted at rank 10.
  • Adding dynamic buff pedestals to outposts. These buff pedestals will spawn on an outpost and grant a random buff to players when they interact with it. This pedestal will always grant the same buff until another faction/guild captures the outpost, and then it will spawn a new buff pedestal for them. These buffs will last for a total of 30 minutes.
  • Adjusted Conquest Point values. Forts and Keeps are now worth a few more points. Outposts remain the same values
  • Building Materials can no longer be placed inside of Banks
  • Divine favor cards will now show "guilds" or "factions" depending on the campaign type
  • Fixed an issue where Ranger guards would spawn on the floor instead of the wall
  • Glory Victory Cards that require a sacrifice of any kind will require you to sacrifice at that God’s outposts
  • If you attempt to use a Runegate to a zone that has hit the alliance/guild cap and you’re placed in a queue and a notification is displayed
  • Increased Campaign Rewards to make them more appealing
  • Message when trying to enter equipable-only campaigns with insufficient vault space to remove the character's non-equipable items has been clarified
  • Players can now "unbind" from statues to reset their spawn point to their faction's starting temple in a campaign
  • Scavenging chests will appear more reliably. They will no longer stack on top of each other. Additionally, distributions will be more even across our various adventure parcel groups.
  • Sentinels will now respawn more quickly when torn down
  • The alliance info window will now properly display the correct maximum amount of guilds in an alliance and members in an alliance
  • The Building Material generation from Forts has been removed
  • Updated "Alliance join" messaging so the player knows the Alliance Leader will receive all Conquest Rewards for the Campaign
  • Updated some Victory Cards for consistency between factions and guilds
  • You can no longer enter stealth while holding Building Materials


Crafting Linking

  • If a crafting recipe requires a crafted component, clicking on that component will navigate to the crafting recipe for that component
  • There are navigation buttons to go back and forth between viewed linked crafts located in the upper left of UI
  • If a recipe requires a different crafting station, a message will be displayed

Added an additional method to obtain Harvesting Enchants:  Coalesced Essences

  • Each Coalesced Essence is tied to a specific resource and when used create Ethereal Dust or a Harvest Enchant
  • Coalesced Essences can rarely be found on r6+ resource nodes (not motherlodes) in Skypoint, Shadow, and Dregs zones, and only when the node is completely harvested
  • A new IRREGULAR flag will appear on crafted items that have their final quality of the item less than the quality of its ingredients that contribute to quality. (ie 3 quality contributing ingredients are epic, 1 quality contributing ingredient is common, if the output item is less than epic, the item will receive the Irregular flag.)
  • Fixed an issue where creatures who can be harvested for Strong hide would occasionally drop Flexible hide instead
  • Fixed an issue with the Skinning Motherlodes sometimes being unable to be skinned.
  • Irregular items cannot be used as a template in a Factory
  • Newly looted Heartwood resources will all be a generic type. This change is intended to allow for easier stacking of Heartwood in the future, though existing items are unaffected
  • Refining stations no longer have Create Timber, Create Ingot, Create Boulder recipes

Eternal Kingdom

  • Added Abandoned houses as options in the EK
  • Fixed an issue where building placement would sometimes fail when placing buildings on slopes that were within slope tolerance
  • Fixed an issue where deeds socketed directly to parcels would get mailed back to the owner due to being improperly socketed after the parcel was picked up and placed again in the EK
  • Fixed an issue where new EKs were showing incorrect information when they were selected in the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the deeds connected attachable rampart corner deed would sometimes get left behind when another connected deed was picked up
  • Fixed an issue where the EK Scarecrow Training dummy could be placed floating above the ground
  • Fixed an issue where the player would sink under deeds they were standing on after the parcel they were on was moved
  • Fixed an issue where two players could attempt to move the same building at the same time
  • Moved the General Crafting Station on the beginning EK parcel to be easier to interact with and properly grouped with the other crafting station
  • Nobles of EKs that have had tokens granted to them by a parcel owner are now able to launch sleeping EKs in the lobby
  • Updating sockets in Thatch Houses to match Wood Houses
  • Vassals of EKs that have had tokens granted to them by a parcel owner are now able to launch sleeping EKs in the lobby


  • Fixed a typo in the abandon quest popup

Powers / Combat

Armor debuff changes

  • Armor debuffs no longer reduce more than 10% mitigation
  • Armor Mitigation debuffs that affect all types of armor overwrite all other armor debuffs
  • Elemental armor debuffs overwrite individual Ice, Fire, or Electric armor debuffs
  • Multiple armor debuffs of the same type will not stack
  • Organic armor debuffs overwrite individual Poison, Disease, and Earth armor debuffs
  • Physical armor debuffs overwrite individual Slashing, Piercing, and Crushing debuffs


  • Exhaustion from Assassin poison now properly applies against a target with a barrier


  • Adjust timing on Giant Leap Smash


  • Corrected an issue where stunning a Confessor who is channeling Condemnation would give inconsistent results


  • Call Storm base cooldown has been reduced to 24 seconds
  • Talent bonuses to Barkskin have been retired in favor of the following improvements
  • Stormcaller/Archdruid: Call Storm causes additional baseline damage, inflicts Execution scale damage against enemies under 35% Health, and has its cooldown reduced by 50%
  • Earthkeeper: Will O' Wisps now also instantly heals your group and you when released, in addition to existing effects.


  • Fae should no longer be able to continuously double-jump to "fly" around the world using double jump and glide


  • Re-implemented Cold Stare passive so that it doesn't use infinitely stacking, persistent game effects


  • Multi-Shot now indicates it increases the target's Personal Damage Modifier


  • Energetic Harvest Buffs - Should now properly drop after 2 hits for all profession types.


  • Disciplines now display their quality when equipped


  • Added a VFX for changing visible equipment.
  • Added an additional confirmation before deleting some valuable items
  • Added sounds for some NPC attacks that were missing them
  • Adjusted light culling of fires
  • Bandage names should reflect accurately in the combat log.
  • Corrected a typo in various harvesting buffs tooltips
  • Equipped weapons for Minotaurs will display correctly after consuming food while In-Combat mode
  • Fall damage should no longer be blocked by changing trays at the last minute before you land.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes chests will stack on top of each other
  • Fixed issue with some waterfalls that had no sound
  • Fixed several solo bosses that were given CC immunity
  • Some items can no longer be placed in banks (indicated by No Bank tag on item tooltip)
  • Waterfall sound volume can now be adjusted using the ambient SFX slider


  • Added a no-trade horse mount to the archetype and level boost questline
  • Added a tutorial event in the Archetype quest line to remind players to check their map to find an outpost
  • Added a tutorial quest for archetype characters to equip a better vessel when reaching level 30
  • Added discipline quests to the fast track NPE, and reworked the dialog to be more descriptive of your tasks once you reach the end of this NPE
  • Archetype characters can no longer accept the custom NPE after completing their archetype questline
  • Changed the "Craft Armor" quest title to "Craft Basic Armor"
  • Corrected a grammar issue in Class Trainer Vayne's dialogue
  • Fixed a bug where archetype characters had trouble moving items between their inventory and the bank
  • Fixed a bug where quest markers on the map would not update position as quests stages were advanced
  • Fixed an issue where Bounty Hunter Yara's side quest to kill war tribe leaders could not be accepted
  • Fixed an issue where many side quests would no longer be tracked after the completion of certain steps in the quest
  • Fixed an issue where Morrigan would not play SFX on the quest: A Pound of Flesh
  • Fixed an issue where some quest givers would appear with red health bars
  • Fixed an issue where the Sentinel of Earth would play his dialog Sound effects too often in the Fast Track NPE
  • Fixed an issue with Gaius not playing an animation or having VO in the Moon Temple
  • Fixed the Sentinel of Earth talking during every panel of dialog in the Archetype questline
  • Increased the Gods Reach Skypoint resources
  • Removed a solo boss near the caravan cave
  • The assassin archetype quest now requires the player to use kidney shot once
  • The quest Keep Your Head Up now rewards the appropriate amount of XP
  • Updated some Side Quests to now reward XP
  • Updated the respawn timer of the guards in the practice outpost and forts in the NPE
  • Updated the task for level 25 boost and archetype characters' first quest from "Return..." to "Talk to the Earth Sentinel"


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