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Founders’ Update: Next major release is underway…


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ArtCraft Co-Founder and Executive Producer shares a look at the fourth-month post-launch and sheds light on changes with the latest update and what will happen when it goes Live.
Check out the complete update here: crowfall.com/blog/7.300-is-coming

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I had hoped that this blog would be a "What's next?" kind of thing, explaining what the focus is gonna be at the ACE offices the next few months, and what's coming in the future.

This just seems like a summarization of what we mostly already knew about for the last 2 months.


"Crowfall's evolution has been interesting: when we started, the game leaned much more heavily on survival mechanics. over time we added more and more strategy and pulled the survival mechanics. by launch, we'll be the most strategic virtual universe (IMO surpassing Eve Online)" - J. Todd Coleman, January 5th 2020

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1 hour ago, BarriaKarl said:

7.400 when?

Pretty much yeah.. Other than the mouth breathing synchophants from the focus group brigade, this means poorly made dergs to the heritage guys (Been here since the countdown timer, I still own 7 accounts).  


Let's be honest, you have no population. After this patch, due to poor design decisions, poorly made dergsty community management (see PAN), catering to an echo chamber for too long in the rich boy forums, and a myriad of ineffectual piecemeal, poorly thought out changes, you will STILL have no population. You custarded the dog by shrinking the map. You just created less places (asset wise)  for the people that stayed. 

If you wish to save this game, free building, handshake sieges and a large mapset is what it will take,. custard all the people asking to funnel down the map, that's what happened to Shadowbane .. before it failed.


It's not custard rocket science, if ACE would get out of their own way. ACE, from Koster to Blair.. fail. You tried to recreate the wheel..

Just make a custard wheel.

Oh.. and can we get a goddamned greenskin! I won't talk about monetezation, but races..  get your custard artists on a greenskin, you'll get a better  response nfrom the community.. not to mention capital.  Spending time on reskinned badges and tankards..is a waste of custard time...

EDIT: custard furries  (Guinicians.. again... Blairs Idea I bet). I'd throw a 150.00 for a Grobold skin i could play duelist with... I refuse to play any guinea.. and there are many like me.. think about it. there were entire guilds in warhammer built aroung greenskins.. and Blair gave us... ass gerbils in period piece Castillian Spanish garb....GG!


Edited by Armegeddon


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They lost me with the belts for gathering/crafting locked behind a gold grind gate.   If I got my belts from actual gathering and not endless gold farming it might make more sense but at that point I was done.   The passive ticker was not great but it wasn't grinding for gold either.   That was the end for me...   get level 30 and then kill 50,000 more boring mobs to get a purple logging belt...   walked away from 7 accounts too.   

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