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=TEH= The Endless Host: All Playstyles and Time Zones


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Welcome to The Endless Host gaming guild.  We have been around since 2006 in everything but name.  Officially, The Endless Host was born in 2015, when the idea of Crowfall was brand new.  The guild made its first official chapter in Atlas, while waiting for Crowfall to develop, and began recruiting for Crowfall in July of 2017.


The initial concept for The Endless Host was to be a mercenary guild, not for hire, but for Balance.  In the early days of Crowfall, the Earth Faction used to be the Balance Faction, tasked with making sure neither one of the other factions became too powerful.  With the change to how factions worked, and the renaming of the factions, it was decided that, in keeping with the lore of Crowfall, The Endless Host would be a force dedicated to Kronos, the god of Time and Space, tasked with influencing events in the timeline to ensure that Gaea’s sacrifice was not in vain.  So, we will remain steadfast members of the Earth Faction.  We will not jump to a different Faction.


Regardless of Faction, The Endless Host seeks to foster a strong, inclusive community.  In warfare, conflict is expected.  The Endless Host will not back down from a fight.  However, once the fight is over, the community remains, and that is important to remember.  Try your best not to let the conflict carry over into other aspects of the game, and especially don’t let it carry over into your personal life.


The only hard and fast rule to be a member of The Endless Host is to be a positive force within the game.  I understand that this is a PvP game, and emotions can run high.  This is an adult guild, and it’s members will act accordingly.  Frustration and anger can be a factor, and it’s expected, but name-calling, malicious insults, swearing in public chats, and game exploits will not be tolerated


Crowfall is a game where burning out is easy to do because of the length of campaigns and the grind for gold and disciplines.  With that in mind, The Endless Host is more about forging connections with each other, than hardcore grinding and min/maxing, but every play style is welcome and needed.  If The Endless Host community grows enough to warrant it, we will set off on our own and create our own destiny.  Right now, we are allied with Annihilation Kingdom, who are a bunch of great people that hold many of the same ideals as The Endless Host.


As the guild leader, I have been gaming for 30 years, starting my MMO PC gaming with UO in 1999 before joining the U.S. Air Force for 10 years.  I’ve played WoW, City of Heroes and Villains, FFXI and FFXIV, Guild Wars 1 and 2, Champions Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, not in any particular order.  And I’ve played exponentially more games that aren’t MMO’s.

Whether it's Dregs or Skypoint, roaming PvP or solo-harvesting, you are welcome to play your way. Joining Discord is highly encouraged so we can strengthen our community, but it won't be strictly enforced. 

We have an enormous EK with enough room for 100's of houses and personal storage space, two full-sized arenas (see post below for pics) for competitive PvP matches or simple duels to test your new build and hone your skills. The Guild Castle holds not only a full crafting area with every profession's table and a factory, but we have the All Father crafting buff in addition to the Kronos buff that lets you unequip disciplines.  A large number of Noble, Vassal, and Guild Chests are available to store resources for everyone to use.

Need a minor discipline? There is a chest for Guild members where we store our extras from the Tainted Hills and beyond. 

Need to replace your armor or weapons? We have chests for sharing and replacing gear, and crafters in every profession ready to gear you up. From a Legendary Weaponsmith and a Legendary Runecrafter, to at least one or two Epic/Epic crafters in every other profession, you will always have someone available to help gear you up. 

Do you want to craft? Well we have the mats, tables, and constant need for new gear. 

Like to PvP?  We are allied with many other guilds and there is always combat if you want it.  Large Keep defenses and seiges, all the way down to Outpost capping.

Finally, a Discord server is set up for forums and voice chat. Shoot me a message here, or friend me on Discord at Solstar#8650, even if you just have questions. The Endless Host is an inviting place with friendly people, and we want give both new and veteran players a way to find the fun in Crowfall, because there is a lot to be had. 

I hope to hear from you.

"Knowledge and wisdom are the unparalleled instruments of peace, but even knowledge requires a sword to keep enemies at bay."  ~Unknown

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