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Duelist Change/Buff, pls and thank you


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3 things I wish for a duelist change.  rapier and pistol weapon weights changed to 10 each.  keen guard a flash cast . ricochet and feral instincts talent places swapped.


To help put duelist in a competitive position.

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I feel that these changes would put duelist in a better spot. As someone who mains a duelist. They feel weak and other classes do what they can do just better. 

The cooldowns for duelist feel too long. Cutting off 2 seconds from all the duelists cooldowns would put it in a better spot. Being able to combine that with reduce weight enchants or weapon finesse would make a lot of builds more efficient.

Changing Keen Guard to a flash cast I believe wouldn't make it over powered but make it more appealing to take. A lot of duelist builds just skip it because it takes pips and global cooldown(GCD) to use and they would rather use the pips and the GCD on a stun or another ability.

Swapping the talent positions for ricochet and feral instincts would put feral instincts in a nice spot and make the duelist more appealing to do what they do best, applying bleeds. Using two talent points to snag it feels like a waste, especially when you're a melee focused duelist because ricochet is then wasted.  Ricochet itself is a fun passive; I wish it was tied to slayer class itself or swapped positions with feral instincts.


These changes would vastly improve duelist from a trash tier class to a class that is actually competitive and something that groups would like in their party. 

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