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Lets Talk Frostbite DoT...


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Abominable 163 7x over 14s 30CD

Frostbiter 163 7x over 14s 45CD

Frozen Dancer 126 7x over 14s 24CD

CTTT 73 7x over 30s 20CD

Death Shard 73 7x over 30s 


All of these overwrite each other. Death Shard is the AM's best nuke, especially when paired with Frostbiter (long CD) or Frozen Dancer (medium CD, crap range). Death Shard is getting applied every 6s, which overwrites the Frostbiter or Frozen Dancer frostbite DoT's. How hard would it be to find a middle balance on the damage per tick and keep that as a constant for frostbite, rather than have Death Shard overwrite our bigger DoT's on the main major's we take?

Wamfom of Sacrilege

  • 34 Frostweaver High-Elf Archmage
  • 33 Templar Elken Vindicator

Discord: Wamfom#5813

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