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7.300.0 Live Feedback for 12.1.2021

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Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game on the most recent patch. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to Bug Reports and don't forget the Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported!

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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I know this is not the exact place for this... but please keep systems in the game that allow small and medium guilds to exist in the throne ware sim.  In my opinion, using the alliance player cap (moving it up or down), and getting rid of the guild cap for alliances would allow small guilds to participate in the politics and keep their identity.  You guys literally sell the assets for guilds to make their guild look a certain way, but with alliance guild caps, many guilds have to choose between dissolving their close knit group, or going on their own which means they will easily lose interest.   There could be hundreds of small guilds, working together, or with a big guild, changing alliance easily and often.


Also would make it easy for small groups of friends who want to try the game to get in, keep their friendships and identity, and still get into the politics of the game.  Without having to delete their guild and join a big guild they don't fit in with, get burned out on the events they don't understand, and quit.

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Can we please reduce the gap between those on top with keeps, and those in small guilds who can't get them. Having extra harvesting, significant combat stat boosts, higher tier crafting and a close respawn spot for a guild which is already on top is a ridiculous snowball mechanic that only serves to hold back small guilds.

Can we also please look at the huge disparity between those with crafted gear and those in wartribe. If wartribe dropped mid-tier jewelry that would help to significantly reduce that issue.

All of the myriad snowball mechanics we have in this game need to be toned down. The difference between someone with full gear/vessel/disciplines and a new player is frighteningly large, and is largely unnecessary, only serving to push new players away when they get destroyed in 2-3 seconds by someone fully min/maxxed, cough Jonttre 😜 cough.

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