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7.400 Test Server Update Notes for 12/07/2021

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Update 7.400

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback


Group Loot
When in a group, players can now right-click their group member's unit frame to bring up the group loot settings window. Group leaders can change the loot settings for gold to be free for all or even split and for items to be free for all, roll or pass, or master looter.

loot settings.jpeggroup loot settings.jpeg


The Mine Overseer's Tower

Beware the Tower of the Overseer! For too long, the Mines of the Dying Worlds have been getting picked clean by the Crows. In their hubris, the spirit of the Overseer has awoken once more and shackled the chests that were rightfully her own (before the whole dying thing). If they wish to continue gathering resources for their strongholds, they'll need to establish themselves as the new boss and take the Overseer's keys.

A new capturable parcel is in the world of Crowfall! The Mine Overseer's Tower is a capturable parcel that enables you to grab the Overseer's Keys buff from the top of the tower. With this buff, players will be able to go to the Mines and loot the chests present. Without the buff, these chests can't be accessed and the player will be directed to find the Overseer.





  • Adding sorting and search functionality to World Banks
  • Bogbears on raid boss parcels will now spawn properly
  • Campaign Rules & Restriction should have green/red text elements to indicate those that are and are not allowed
  • Daemon parcels will no longer immediately respawn resources after they've been harvested
  • In order to encourage PvP in the Wildland Zones, zone size has been reduced by 25%
  • Mines are ONLY present in Adventure Zones
  • Mines have been removed from Wildland Zones
  • More Gryphons will spawn on Gryphon parcels moving forward
  • New Outpost type in Adventure zones where players can obtain the Outpost Buff, (“Overseer's Mine Keys”) which allows the player to open Chests in the Mines
  • New VFX for siege building construction (see video clip below)
  • Raid bosses will spawn 33% of the time on raid boss parcels
  • Restored temple faction colors in the map cluster view
  • Sentinels from the keep parcels will now activate their buffs during a siege window properly
  • Updated Lost Children of the Tides victory card description to indicate it awards between +1 to +5 points
  • Updated the Short Descriptions for Glory Victory Cards to give more direction


  • Arcane recipe now mentions in the recipe description it will alter any weapon appearances of the weapon or shield to the base version of that weapon or shield
  • Book Chapters, Bound Chapters, Bow Rest, and Bow Sight recipes now link to the proper recipes
  • Runemaking Sigil: Binding recipe can now be made in quantities of up to 20 in a single craft
  • Updated the Urgu Spice Mix item to not have a typo in its description
  • Using mushrooms as a produce ingredient in Grilled Sandwich will no longer result in "Mushroom Sandwich" instead of the appropriate meat sandwich


  • Added Map Pin and Map Tooltip icons for Elementals, Gryphons, Thralls, and "Key" Mine Outposts
  • Map zone view properly loads in the Lobby when the last zone viewed shown the player marker
  • The zone map will no longer show a half-loaded zone if the map is closed mid load, which also caused some map pins to stick from previous zones


  • Added invite to group shortcut from the social window when right clicking a player
  • Added XP Flytext to UIs that directly gives XP so that the XP isn't hidden during those moments.
  • Adjusted items in the Lobby Vault to appear over the Lobby UI correctly
  • Chat UI is accessible while the Vault UI (and Inbox UI) are Open
  • Fixed an overlapping text bug in the Vendor Sales Window
  • Fixed bugs with the scrolling of the Alliance UI
  • Reduced chat log messages for joining and leaving channels when changing zones.
  • Updating the "Unspent Talent Points" Tutorial Tip to show the key the player has assigned to open their talent window.
  • The World bank clear search button will now actually clear the text
  • The Lobby, Account Vault, and World Bank search and filter options are now independent


Based on player feedback and internal testing, we’ve modified the damage or personal damage modifier on several powers.


  • Increased the damage on Disengage
  • Fixed an issue where the Vandal talent wasn't granting the full damage increase for using Backstab vs a Stunned target
  • Reduced the damage on Blackjack Toss and Decimate


  • Corrected a typo in the Stamina Replenishment buff tooltip
  • Increased the damage of the Aegis of Destruction / Salvation combo
  • Increased the damage of the Whirling Pain, Leap, Disarming Shout, and Vicious Stomp powers
  • Updated Pit Fighter talent description to indicate Neckbreaker increases your Max Health and heals you


  • Divine Presence now provides a 5% Personal Damage Modifier
  • Increased the damage of the Holy Symbol (Radical) power


  • Reduced the damage bonus for the Sanctifier promotion class to 15%


  • Increased the damage of the Grasping Roots, Lightning Strike, and Aurora Emitter powers
  • Fixed an issue that could reduce the cooldown of Bark Skin further than expected with Archdruid
  • Fixed Nature's Avatar ability description to indicate correct Personal Damage Modifier amount
  • Reduced the Personal Damage Modifier stat of the Heart of the Wild talent


  • Increased the damage of the Impale and Rapidfire powers
  • Increased the damage on the Pistol basic combo
  • Reduced the damage on Dynamite
  • Vanguard Keen Guard will no longer affect you when you take fall damage


  • Corrected Bitter Cold power description to use the correct stat name
  • Increased the damage of the Shatterstorm, and Volatile Ice powers
  • Put Icy Veins proc into the correct stack group so it doesn't overwrite Ice Block
  • Reduced the Personal Damage Modifier stat of the Solidify and Frozen Solid talents


  • Increased the damage of the Onslaught, Brutal Strike, Shield Bash, Twin Assault, Shockwave, and Obliterate powers
  • Reduced the Personal Damage Modifier stat of the Hardiness Talent


  • Increased the damage on Bull Rush


  • Increased the damage of the Battle Scream, Colossus Smash, Raging Bull, and Whirlwind powers
  • Raging Bull: Cost reduced to 500 Soul Power
  • Reduced the amount of Personal Damage Modifier stat applied by Unstoppable to 3%


  • Modified the Fortified Stakes Description to the correct amount
  • Reduced the Personal Damage Modifier stat of the Tree Sap Blood talent


  • Increased the damage of the Reproach, Castigate, Radiant Sweep, and Righteous Smash powers
  • Subjugate had an increase in damage



  • Increased the DPS of the Adjudicate combo


  • Increased the damage on Shield Breaker


  • Increased the Damage on Dispel


  • Increased the damage on Nature’s Avatar


  • Reduced the amount of Personal Damage Modifier stat applied by the following Guardian Rhythms to 3% and their upgraded versions to 5%

Lord of the Forest

  • Reduced the amount of Personal Damage Modifier stat applied by Protection Stake to 3% and their upgraded versions to 5%

Master of Daggers

  • Increased the DPS of Cripple

Master of Swords

  • Increased the damage of Critical Hack

Nature's Guardian

  • Reduced the amount of Personal Damage Modifier stat applied by Protection Stake to 3% and their upgraded versions to 5%

Plague Lord

  • Increased the Damage on Contagion and Festering Wounds

Runescarred Gladiator

  • Reduced the amount of Personal Damage Modifier stat applied by Reprisal to 5%


  • Into the Fray now provides a 5% Personal Damage Modifier


  • Increased the damage of Binding Arrows


  • Reduced the amount of Personal Damage Modifier stat applied by Get Behind Me to 3%


  • Reduced the amount of Personal Damage Modifier stat applied by Sturdy to 5%


  • Adding sounds for Select Region UI for EK's and Campaigns in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the weather SFX would stop on mining and daemon parcels
  • Fixed issue where Sun Elves were playing two death VO sounds upon dying
  • Fixed that sometimes muddy footsteps were played for clear sky weather after joining a campaign
  • Fixing issue with lobby background music not looping correctly


  • "Cool Crows Don't Look at Explosions" has received updated dialog to no longer mention Small Forts
  • Corrected a quest description to more accurately describe what the player needs to do for "Experienced Investor."
  • Custom Knight Characters who use the level boost and continue questing will now receive a shield with their quest reward.
  • Fixed an issue with the Keep Out FX around the friendly territory
  • Increased the number of resources in Gods Reach
  • Lyrellan Lifespring will now play an animation on all of their reminder lines
  • Removed Rank 10 Harvesting Nodes from Sky Point
  • Updating the Fortune Favors Those Who Take quest to give the correct coordinates of the NPC the player needs to talk to


  • Adjusted the Log Out Message when logging out near a capturable location to be more general, that way it addresses logging out near an Outpost
  • Adjusted the size of the Capture Circle VFX to more accurately show where the player needs to stand to capture a Fort or Outpost
  • Closing the map while hovering over the legend no longer blocks zooming by scrolling next time the map is opened
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Deadly Poison from activating when attacking with certain powers
  • Fixed an issue preventing Nature Resistance from providing Root Immunity
  • Fixed an issue where being rooted while sprinting would not interrupt the sprinting
  • Fixed an issue where loot was not being generated for disconnected player corpses
  • Fixed the Ward Construction Completion message to display a Ward icon rather than the Tree of life icon
  • Harvesting a tree with no tool should no longer generate a Harvesting Pip
  • Polished the Healthbar loss feedback on self, focus target, and small enemy health bars for snappier and more dramatic visual feedback.
  • Reduced the agro range of Gryphon NPCs to 20m
  • Trade actions should now properly cancel stealth
  • Updated bow item descriptions to indicate Compound Bows can also use special Physical arrows and quivers to inflict additional effects
  • Updated bow item descriptions to indicate Recurve Bows can also use special Physical and Elemental arrows and quivers to inflict additional effects
  • Updated bow item descriptions to indicate Spellbound Bows can also use special Elemental arrows and quivers to inflict additional effects
  • Updated special arrow and quiver description to indicate which bow types will trigger their special effects


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