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Monumental acquires Crowfall MMO


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Monumental acquires Crowfall MMO

New game publisher, led by industry veterans, to expand community-driven Thronewar MMO with long-term development roadmap

AUSTIN, Texas, December 17, 2021 — Monumental today announced the acquisition of Crowfall, the PvP-focused Thronewar MMO that launched in July of this year, from independent game developer ArtCraft Entertainment. Starting today, the operations transition will take place immediately with no interruption to the game service.
Read the full press release here


ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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36 minutes ago, Sulong said:

I'm surprised no one is asking: "What business does a phone game company have buying an MMO?"

I'm more so asking how can a studio which only does low budget mobile games with small reception can possibly hope to revive not one, but two dead games? This feels like more a death sentence than if they had just closed their doors.

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I think overall this is very good news, and hopefully, a nice Christmas present to both investors and players! I think the game has progressed steadily from 6.54 to 7.40 and still really like the game's potential. I hope this works out for everyone involved!

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It's a sad day...the company that brought us all together and wanted to do it their way without answering to a publisher over lord had to sell CF. I get it is to keep CF afloat and continue development which is fantastic news but still this 6 year long journey has officially come to an end. A new chapter begins as we fly to the next world...our love for the game, for the community, for the experience of it all will never die, for we are only crows!

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My starter list:

  1. We heard so much about "knobs" that they could twist, introducing dynamic things to the game. But we also learned that was lip-service as there isn't even a skin system in games, let alone knobs for things like AoE caps, group sizes, guild sizes, and campaign settings. It's all handmade, and if you could eliminate that and actually build flexibility, wow.
  2. Barebones the website, and eliminate all integrations of website and game (including cash shop). As much as possible in the game (this is what gamers are used to).
  3. Improve chat, improve guild UI, improve regular UI, simplify map, simplify loot table, simplify crafting input table
  4. Make Conquest, Glory, Wealth, Power all individual scores (overhaul score table) that compile into guild scores
  5. If the owner actually played CF, hopefully they got zerged down hard and recognize that small and medium guilds help sustain each other in this type of game through dynamic interaction, whereas zergs eat everyone else up and create ghostlands (my definition of zerg involves size of one game-mechanic based organization relative to the world they inhabit). Let us NAP and politick as part of the player experience, not as part of the UI.
  6. Way, way, way more keeps and material effect on the world. Guilds are the backbone, very few guilds got an identity in the game. Look at how badly NW caters to this same problem, only like 5 guilds have any identity mark on the world.
  7. Burn EKs to the ground and never, ever look back. Dregs temple AHs, vendors in the Dregs. You know, like an MMO. Not a lobby sim.
  8. Stitch Dregs/Shadows/God's Reach into load screens, not logout/login. You know, like an MMO. Not a lobby sim.

And above all: simple, not convoluted. Any time spent on combat power tweaks (not big changes like Friendly Fire or aoe cap changes) is a waste, until the rest of the game is to combat's quality.

Edited by McTan
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So...is "Monumental" gonna keep the amazing list as follows??? (which as you can see is working out great)

1. Swap factions on the fly and still call it "tactics"?

2. TIMER-LOCKED PvP that has really zero-point in holding the fort/castle to make it an actual "home recall base"?

3. Percentages soooo low on skills/runes (3%) with cast timers that basically just make them a waste of time/cast bar slot? (not to mention redundant/boring)

4. Actually give the 3 factions SOME FORM of lore and land bio that's unique and causes a sense of pride/ownership?

5. A total mess when it comes to acquiring/selling items on our so-called "eternal kingdoms"?

6. Focusing on a never-ending crafting nightmare when its toted as a "PVP GAME HOW YOU WANT TO PVP"???

7. The maps that are the most insane thing i've ever seen in a game yet???


I'll be the first to admit the game UI, performance, and work in the past few patches are improved heavily...but the core game has to change or this is just gonna be the same old thing that lost over 90% of its interest/players.

Hoping for the best for 2022...


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